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Prepare your garden for the autumn

Neglecting the garden means it will be difficult to maintain it again. Preparing the garden for autumn is highly necessary in order to prevent it from the cold and damp nights. During spring, flowers and plants start growing, but, although autumn and winter are the less active months, it is advisable to keep it tidy, beautiful and clean. 

Prune the Plants that are Withering or Have Dry Ends 

There are flowers and seasonal plants with which nothing can be done. However, there are flowers that remain unchanged throughout the year, as long as they are taken good care of. 
When the plants start losing their leaves or have a woolly appearance, it is still give them vitality. In this way, you can prevent them from drying up after the summer season is over. 
When pruning plants, it is necessary to get rid of those withered flowers and cut out the dry leaves. It will then be easy to take them out of the pots and immerse them in warm water until the soil is soaked. After that they will be removed from the water and the surface of the soil will be removed so that the roots can breathe. 

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Garden Accessories to Decorate the Space 

Placing beautiful accessories in the garden always comes in handy. That way, your garden will look prettier and much better. Vintage sprinklers are a great accessory that will serve to water your plants and decorate the space with style. 
A very original idea is to decorate a bicycle with flowers using the basket. To do so you can use all kinds of flowers and wild plants such as lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, aromatic plants, thistles and much more. They can easily be found in nature and will last for a long time. All you have to do is clean each one of the stems and stick them in a damp floral cloth. 

Store Your tools Away and Cover the Garden Furniture 

It is very important that the tools are in a dry and safe place, especially at this time of the year when the weather is so humid. Do not forget that cold weather enhances oxidation and can damage the gardening tools. 
Similarly, it is best to use covers to keep garden furniture safe. That way they will not get wet and stay new for longer. When it is time to use them again, they will still be in good condition. 

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Remove All the Weed


Weed can become a real nightmare, so you have to put an end to them before the bad weather starts otherwise it becomes harder to get rid of them. They usually populate the surroundings of the flowers and are even capable of growing on the paved area of the yard, hence it is very important to eliminate them effectively by removing them from the roots. 

The most suitable plants for autumn 

• Pansies are some of the most beautiful flowers you will see at this time of year. They have many different colours, such as yellow, violet and white. They can be planted in pots, baskets or in any corner of the garden. All they need is adequate light and a good drainage system. 
• Daisies and chrysanthemums come in colours as vivid as red, yellow and orange. They are usually used to decorate the entrances, the surroundings of the roads and, in general, any place in the garden. 
• Lavender is a lasting and also aromatic flower. Its cultivation is very simple and only requires sunlight for most of the day. 
• Tulip and lily are perfect to be grown in autumn. That way they'll be ready for their flowers to blossom in the spring. 
• Autumn is also a good time for poppies, as well as sage. 

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Create a Vegetable Patch in the Garden 

• Red or green cabbage can be grown in autumn. They can be planted in groups or as different decorative figures. It is not necessary to have a garden to plant them in, although it can be the perfect excuse to have them. 
• In autumn you can plant different kinds of lettuce, as well as aromatic plants such as mustard. 
• It is also feasible to plant red ginger, a plant that boasts very beautiful red flowers that last for a long time. 
• You can even plant fruit trees such as orange, lemon, apple or pomegranate. This is how you can make the most of your garden, which will be wetter and cooler in autumn and that's exactly what these fruit trees need. 

Buy Gardening Books 

In the market there are different books to obtain practical and essential knowledge about gardening. It is important to learn the secrets of planting in the garden, eliminate diseases or how to get rid of pests and weeds. These books will make it easier to take care of the garden in colder weather.

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