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After buying a house in Menorca, get to know the Algaiarens farm with its outstanding Mel d'enclova honey

The Balearic island of Menorca stands out for its many advantages that make it popular as a real estate location, which are constantly convincing prospective real estate buyers to buy a house or villa here. Long sandy beaches, secluded coves and varied landscapes all contribute to Menorca's popularity. But it also knows how to impress above and beyond of its stunning natural features, as there are also renowned farms near Ciutadella that produce high-quality honey and other natural products. Real estate agency Engel & Völkers introduces you to the Algaiarens Farm, which won the prestigious London Honey Award for its Mel d'enclova honey, enhancing Menorca's reputation as a honey-producing location. We would also like to tell you about a country house for sale from our current property portfolio, which offers you the best quality of living in Menorca with many attractive properties.

As a property owner near Ciutadella, you will benefit from the first-class ‘Mel d'enclova’ honey

If you want to purchase a property in Menorca and have access to naturally produced food, real estate agency Engel & Völkers recommends the area north of Ciutadella. There you will find the Algaiarens farm, whose Mel d'enclova honey has won the London Honey Award for the first time. The farm's beekeeper, Antoni Anglada, has been awarded the Platinum Medal for his honey, giving him international prestige as a honey producer. He was thus able to ensure outstanding success for his farm, as Mel d'enclova now ranks among the top 40 in the world.

The Algaiarens farm also collaborates with the neighbouring Son Felip farm. Together they produce local, traditional food according to the highest quality standards. Besides honey, Xeixa wheat grain, virgin olive oil, almonds and melons, among other things, are also produced. Algaiarens' popular Mel d'enclova honey is sold in Menorca and is much loved by the locals. The brand was founded barely two years ago and the farm already produces around 1,000 kilos of this honey annually. Here you can also see the professional production processes for yourself after buying a country house, as interesting tours of the farm are on offer. Take a close look at the hives and observe how the honey is transported from the combs to the containers for sale. On both the Algaiarens and Son Felip farms, all production processes are entirely organic, which speaks for the first-class quality of the honey produced here. Taste the excellent Menorcan honey from the farms near Ciutadella after you have bought and moved into your dream home on Menorca with Engel & Völkers!

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Make your property purchase near the Algaiarens farm a reality with real estate agency Engel & Völkers

You have long shared enthusiasm for naturally produced food, so this is also a criterion for the location of your new property on Menorca. Real estate agency Engel & Völkers, therefore, recommends buying a house or villa near Menorca's capital, Ciutadella, where the two farms, Algaiarens and Son Felip, are located. We will now present you with a country house for sale located in Cala Morell, north of Ciutadella. From here, Ciutadella can be reached in a few minutes by car and the two farms, Son Felip and Algaiarens, are also very close by. When you buy this country house, you can enjoy an impressive sea view as well as a large swimming pool. You can also expect a 60m² living room with a fireplace, a kitchen with a dining area, four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and you can enjoy a sea view in almost every room. Finally, this finca country house for sale will win you over with a total of three terraces, which invite you to relax, as well as a large garage. Benefit from the proximity to the excellent Son Felip and Algaiarens farms, and enjoy naturally produced food, such as the outstanding Mel d'enclova honey.

Contact the experienced real estate team at Engel & Völkers Menorca now if you would like to buy the house featured in this article or any other property. Take a look at the country house now with a virtual tour!

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