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Sant Joan de Ciutadella - the most spectacular festivals in Menorca

Horses are the real protagonists

The festivities of Sant Joan in Ciutadella are unique and spectacular. During the days of June 23 to 25, the city of Ciutadella becomes a place where more and more people celebrate fun family holidays. The dates of Sant Joan have become over the years, an increasingly popular tourist attraction, and so people from all over Europe and especially from Mallorca and Catalonia travel to Ciutadella at the end of June.

- The protagonists of Sant Joan in Menorca


The history of the parties is quite unknown by most foreign attendees. It is a holiday whose origin dates back to the fourteenth century, and has religious motivations (although it cannot be verified completely). Over time, some acts that differ from the original celebration have been added to give a different touch to the celebration. One of the peculiarities of the fiesta celebration, is the representation of the different social levels in society at the time. The Caixer Senyor represents the nobility, the Caixer Capellà represents the clergy, the Caixers Pagesos represent the peasants and the Caixers Menestrals represent the craftsmen.

- Festivities of Sant Joan in Ciutadella, Menorca

Which events are the most recommendable?

If you wish to visit Sant Joan Ciutadella, you may not want to attend all the events that take place during the holidays. We recommend you see the Caragol des Born (June 23) and without a doubt the Jocs des Pla (June 24). Plan your schedule well, in order to find a good viewing position you must arrive at least one hour before.

- Sant Joan in Ciutadella, Menorca

Before traveling to Ciutadella by Sant Joan

For those who visit Ciutadella on these dates we remind you of the following:

• The city is totally overcrowded during the holidays. Look for accommodation and rental vehicle well in advance.

• Caragol des Born can sometimes be dangerous, especially for children. When the horses enter in the squares full of the crowds, it is advisable to move away from the area.

• In the Jocs des Pla, during the "Carotes" games, people go crazy to get a piece of this oval shield. Try not to be in the middle when the shield is broken. In addition, during horse rides it is very dangerous to get too close to the riders.

• Remember the real protagonists of the parties are the horses and the riders

• Do not forget to try the typical drink of these fiestas: Gin amb llimonada (also known as pomada), is a mixture of Gin with lemon slush.

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