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Sustainable Houses in Mijas


A sustainable Housing is one that is designed and built seeking to respond to the welfare needs of the human being and does so in a way that respects and helps conserve the environment through an efficient use of energy and water, through of the use of resources and materials not harmful to nature and is directed towards a reduction of environmental impacts.

The study of the orientation and the correct location of the house, the use of abundant and appropriate vegetation, the bioclimatic design, the use of natural materials, the correct insulation and reduction of thermal bridges, the correct ventilation and the efficient airconditioning of the building, These are some of the most important aspects that are introduced in a house of these conditions.

For the promotion and enhancement of this type of construction, independent institutions, agencies and entities have been created over the last decades that evaluate, classify and certify the degree of sustainability of buildings. With these certifications and quality seals, of a voluntary nature, it is guaranteed that the “green buildings” comply with a minimum standard of sustainability conditions and parameters.

Passivhaus, Low-Energy, Zero Emissions Buildings, Breeam, Verde, Itaca, are some of the evaluation systems in the European Union environment, and LEED, CASBE, Green Star, Green Globes are some of the certificates worldwide. Each of them focuses or puts more emphasis on some of the aspects of sustainability in construction, but all of them help to make a leap towards innovation and the sustainable transition of construction worldwide.


Living in a house designed and built following the standards of sustainability, is a guarantee of spatial quality and interior environment, constructive quality and environmental quality of the environment where it is located.

The high spatial quality and the indoor environment is achieved through the improvement of the indoor air we breathe along with high thermal, acoustic comfort, natural ventilation and lighting, both natural and artificial. All this translates into the generation of healthy and comfortable spaces that allow us to breathe healthy air and live in the best comfort conditions.

The high construction quality is synonymous with using the best construction materials and doing so using the most appropriate construction techniques to ensure that the building has no energy losses and that these materials are as natural as possible so that they do not release contaminating particles to the environment. With a high-quality construction, we avoid having humidities, air leaks, noise, and endless problems that we find in many buildings today.

Last but not least, choosing sustainable housing means choosing health for the planet, since through this type of construction we help reduce energy consumption and the emission of pollutants to the planet, in addition to generating more natural and natural environments. healthy where to live in harmony and connection with nature.

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