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Buy a house in Menorca

A selected list of current properties from our portfolio follows.

Buy a house in Menorca: Move in to your Mediterranean dream property with Engel & Völkers

As the second largest Balearic Island, Menorca is a winning location to buy real estate: if you are interested in buying property on Menorca, an idyllic, authentic, sunny, feel-good atmosphere that includes getting up close to nature and practically limitless recreational opportunities is what you can expect. Engel & Völkers Menorca has a wide range of high-quality houses for sale on the island – for an initial overview scroll down this page. Our estate agents are happy to assist you personally in finding your perfect home in Menorca. Please feel free to contact us here!

The charismatic and many-sided Balearic Island: House buying and why Minorca

Menorca offers house buyers countless possibilities to spend a varied and fulfilling lifestyle under the radiant sun of the western Mediterranean. Menorca in contrast to its larger, sister island Mallorca, is much more peaceful and tranquil, which result in it being an appealing location to buy property for a wide range of target groups.Above all, the incredible flora and fauna make Menorca a unique setting for your house purchase: Since 1993, the entire island has been considered a UNESCO biosphere reserve, which is intended to protect the special biodiversity of Menorca and preserve natural habitats. For this reason, sustainable tourism is also a priority on Menorca, meaning that interference of the natural beauty of the island is kept to an absolute minimum, resulting in a harmonious coexistence of people and the natural environment. For whatever reason you are going to buy a property, be it for use as a comfortable holiday home and / or second home or for use as a first residence and for whatever your family circumstances, young family, retired, etc.: Menorca is a grand option providing you with a versatile and beautiful home base with numerous positives for everyone. The islands advanced sustainable politics mean that there are many great excursions through unspoiled landscapes and a medley of sporting opportunities in many categories. The list includes hiking through the countryside, strolling along the picturesque sandy beaches of the south coast or playing golf in the well-kept grounds of Son Parc. Cyclists and ambitious runners get to up their game along the numerous routes of varying degrees of difficulty, if water sports are your thing, you will be in heaven, sailing, surfing or kayaking in the sparkling waters of the Med. From a culinary point of view, being a homeowner in Menorca opens up a whole new world: The local cuisine, based mainly on fish, meat and seafood, is considered a specialty, the use and elaboration of home grown products and ancient recipes reject the trend of food globalization and especially promote Minorcan dishes, which you can enjoy to your heart's content in the many restaurants on the island. Interested to know more? Take a look at the current Menorca market report from the local, international real estate agent Engel & Völkers Menorca for more information and begin your house hunting with complete confidence!

House buying in Menorca: Where on the island is the property you want to buy?

Whether you are looking for a large country house (finca) in the midst of unspoiled nature, a luxurious villa with a view to the Mediterranean Sea or a charming townhouse in one of the many pretty towns - at Engel & Völkers Menorca you have all options covered. Of high interest is the possibility to earn healthy rental returns by investing in one of the many homes that have the legally required holiday rental license (ETV or VTV) on a beautiful island where all locations are near to the sea and demand is high. The principal locations for buying property on the island are all fascinating and welcoming options:The largest and most important location is the Minorcan capital city Maó (Catalan) or Mahon (Castilian Spanish), which is located on the east coast. Mahon is especially well known for its historical old town, with palaces in Art Nouveau style, fortresses and the Museo de Menorca with its extensive collection relating to the history of the island. It is also easily recognized because it is home to the world's second largest natural harbour (Sydney being the largest), which is a popular port of call for all types of seafaring vessels. Menorca's airport is also just a few kilometers from the city center, making buying a house in Maó an interesting option for frequent visitors to the island as well as for those with business interests.The former capital city of Menorca (up until 1722), Ciutadella, is located in the west of the island, and still remains an important city today. It’s historic centre and enchanting little streets, imposing sacred buildings including the Catedral Basilica de Menorca, and the lively weekly market make it a particularly privileged location for buying a house and relocating to Menorca.Inland between the two cities and along the coast are several smaller towns of interest for different reasons. If you prefer the idyllic rural atmosphere then seriously consider purchasing a property in enchanting locations such as Fornells, Ferreries, Alaior or Sant Tomas, among various others, none are too far from the sea or from one of the wonderful cities. Still undecided where in Menorca you should take a closer look at? Real estate agent Engel & Völkers Menorca are happy to assist you with advice and support!

Engel & Völkers: Your real estate agent for a successful house purchase on Menorca

Move in with complete confidence – turn to Engel & Völkers Menorca and you can be sure you have chosen a real estate agent you can rely on. Knowledge is power! Our team has decades of experience on the island and the highest professional work practice, from the initial consultation to beyond handing over the keys of your new home at the notary. You are welcome to call in at either of our two real estate stores in Mahon and Ciutadella, where you will be looked after by a professional, multilingual team of real estate agents who will quickly recognize your personal wishes and requirements for a house on Menorca, turning your search into a happy new home ownership. Our extensive selection of properties throughout Menorca and our holistic service approach ensure you have the best exposure to all the real estate possibilities that might be of interest to you on hand in one place. Engel & Völkers Menorca is the right choice for a trouble free house purchase. We invite you to a free and non-binding first appointment with Engel & Völkers Menorca – please call 0034 971 369 275 (real estate agent Mahon) or 0034 971 179 700 (real estate agent Ciutadella). Make the right choice! We look forward to hearing from you!

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