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Winter Paradises as Capital Investments: Investing in Ski Resorts

Welcome to the fascinating world of capital investments in ski resorts – coveted winter paradises that are attractive not only in winter but now all year round for holidaymakers and investors. Read this article to learn more about investment opportunities in popular ski resorts.

Investment Opportunities in Ski Resorts

The opportunities for investment in ski resorts are diverse and offer high potential beyond the winter season:

  • Real Estate: Purchasing chalets, apartments, and hotels in ski resorts not only allows for personal use and rental potential in winter but also in summer, appealing to hikers, mountain bikers, and nature enthusiasts.

  • Tourist Services: Investments in a variety of leisure activities such as climbing parks, wellness facilities, and cultural events enhance the location's attractiveness.

The Appeal of Ski Resorts

Ski resorts enjoy worldwide popularity. Popular areas like the Alpine regions, the Rocky Mountains, and the Andes attract millions of winter sports enthusiasts annually. Yet increasingly, these places are developing into year-round travel destinations, making them even more significant players in local and regional economies. Exemplary factors that reduce seasonal dependency include:

  • Hiking Holidays and Nature Experiences: Many ski resorts are located in breathtaking natural landscapes, ideal for hiking, trekking, and other nature experiences in the summer. These activities attract a large number of visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and forests.

  • Mountain Biking and Adventure Sports: Ski resorts often offer excellent conditions for mountain biking and other adventure sports. Many areas are expanding their infrastructure to include bike parks, climbing walls, and paragliding options.

  • Wellness and Relaxation Offers: In ski resorts, there are often high-quality spa and wellness facilities that can be used year-round. They provide relaxation and rest for both winter and summer tourists.

Advantages and Challenges

In addition to the well-known benefits such as potential returns and value appreciation, investments in real estate in ski resorts offer further advantages:

  • Year-Round Usage Opportunities: Many ski resorts are developing offerings for summer guests, which increases the chances of return on investment.

  • Tax Advantages and Subsidies: Often there are incentives for investments that contribute to the year-round revitalization of the region.

Tips for Investors

  • Thorough Market Research: Consider the attractiveness of the location throughout the year.

  • Expert Advice: Seek advice from experts who have experience with year-round tourism concepts.

  • Long-Term Planning: Take into account cross-seasonal trends and market opportunities.


Investments in ski resorts are promising and offer opportunities far beyond the winter season. A well-planned, sustainable investment strategy can lead to long-term success in these dynamic markets. Engel & Völkers is at your side as an experienced partner to explore these special opportunities.

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