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Black Friday in the real estate market: some aspects to keep in mind

On November 23rd, one of the most important sales days for eCommerce took place: Black Friday. However, this campaign has managed to cross as many borders as sectors, and not even the real estate market has been able to resist joining the sales that have to this date become one of the most anticipated by consumers around the world. 

The Origin of Black Friday 

At Engel & Völkers in Spain we have realised that in recent years the real estate sector has been inspired by this date as it has given a renewed boost to the world of sales. Since one of the most important commercial events of the year is Black Friday, there are many real estate and construction companies that have recently launched to become part of it. 

But what is the origin of this day in which prices plummet significantly? Like many other aspects in our culture, this event has been imported directly from the United States. 
Right after Thanksgiving, American vendors start the Christmas campaign. The first Friday of this month is one of the days with the largest influx of customers in shopping centres or any other discount shop. 
Thus, proving that the high number of people visiting the shops did not correspond to the bulk of sales, the shop owners and those responsible for the sales decided to launch an aggressive campaign of offers, discounts and promotions for this day and they always manage to reap into a success that few can imagine. 
Now, why Black Friday? Although this is not at all corroborated, it is believed that it was because it was the day when the red numbers or profits of many shops became black. This means the losses gave way to the profits from the Christmas campaign, which seems a good reason to explain where the name comes from. 

- Black Friday en el mercado inmobiliario

Has Black Friday Been Popular in Real Estate?

 The truth is, no. Black Friday has been expanding little by little to sectors, such as fashion, consumer electronics and entertainment, but the real estate sector has remained somewhat out of temporary offers on these days.

Moreover, it is not something that has only to do with Black Friday, because of its unique configuration the real estate market does not understand much about the periods of sales or the exclusive promotions. 

What has been produced in a remarkable way in recent years is an increase in demand during this time. After all, Black Friday is one of those times of the year when the consumer is more tempted to make important purchasing decisions. 

Thus, the experts in the real estate sector have noticed an upturn in sales transactions without the luxury sector being left out of this trend. Even though the Black Friday within the real estate industry is not focused in an important way on the discounts or promotions, its volume of operations is much greater than the discounted items in the shops so much so that the client feels completely satisfied at the end. 

What to Expect from the Black Friday Real Estate  

Buying a house is not the same as getting a new smartphone, so the best thing to do is always have a good team of real estate agents like Engel & Völkers in Spain on hand in order to avoid making a wrong decision.  

The luxury market is one of the best in this regard. The volume of transactions that focuses on the days surrounding the Black Friday is quite important, so the task of the agent will be to properly guide the interested party in making a purchase.  
As we have already pointed out, in the real estate sector focused on luxury properties, these consumer habits are increasingly present. What does not get forgotten from the above is that quality service is not compromised at all.  

Although it may happen in other shops, the Black Friday real estate is still dominated by the commitment of great professionals who maintain very high quality standards. Black Friday is not synonymous here with great offers, although it is a higher volume of transactions, it is by no means lower quality advice or service that customers can expect.  

The Importance of Referring to A Real Estate Agent  

The most important aspect is to understand that offers in real estate should be taken with some caution. For example, a luxury home that is for sale at its market price will hardly be affected by an event such as Black Friday.  

Yes you can find a greater number of properties, something that Engel & Völkers in Spain has long been offering. Our firm has become one of the benchmarks of the luxury sector throughout the country. With delegations in the main cities of Spain, our work has enabled many people to find the type of homes they are looking for in the luxury sector.  

Our agents move with ease within this space. Black Friday may be assimilated as a consumer habit that is increasingly extended to more sectors, but this does not neglect the fact that Engel & Völkers in Spain always gives its utmost attention to providing professional and effective advice. The important thing is not the sales volumes, but the satisfaction of closing a deal for all the parties. 

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