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Domotics, the future of home automation

Domotics have taken over homes by becoming an efficient and affordable option to enjoy a comfortable and safe home. Living in a smart home brings many advantages: it improves the security system, the comfort of the home and it involves considerable energy savings. 

Tips for Living in a Smart Home 

Installing a home automation system does not always mean having to make any major changes to the home. Many people opt for a digital home that does not require much alteration. It is possible to enjoy a smart home in a simple, fast and affordable way. 

There is, for example, wireless home automation, a system that does not require expensive installation costs. When choosing this type of home automation, it is necessary to have a central controller to monitor everything, as well as sensors or detectors that work through movement or temperature detectors. It is convenient to have access to the optimal WiFi network in order to avoid any failure in the functioning of the system. The operation must be fast, intuitive and easy, and, of course, must be available to the user at any time and place. Hence, it is convenient to have a smartphone application from which to control its operation. You can prioritise and install certain controls concerning the saving of heating or light systems. If you have a set budget, it is better to opt for specific systems that are useful and popular.

These features are very attractive and should be taken into account when choosing and installing a home automation system. Creating a smart home is no longer a fiction. It is part of the modern-day life that will make our lives easier and more comfortable.

- Domótica, el futuro de las casas automatizadas inteligentes

Examples of Home Automation in Smart Homes 

Controlling the air conditioning and heating systems are some of the things that can be done through home automation, but there are many more that meet the needs of the user. These systems can be controlled from home or remotely. 

Home automation technology can also open and close doors in the simplest way. You only need to set them up in order for the system to get activated. In some houses there are proximity buttons that are used to open the doors. Another feature we can use with a home automation system is to connect and disconnect security alarms. When leaving home the alarm is automatically activated. In the event that an intrusion or an unexpected entry is detected, the security company will make an automatic call to the user. 

Opening and closing windows or raising and lowering shutters has never been so easy. Many smart homes have devices or voice commands to open and close windows. There is also the possibility of raising or lowering blinds depending on the time of day or the natural light from outside in order to save energy. Similarly, turning the lights on and off will be happen less often since the home automation system will take care of everything for you. The intensity of the lights can also be adjusted in order to achieve greater comfort and better savings. The user can also turn them off whenever he sees fit, regardless of whether he is at home or away. 

Home automation system has reached all corners of the house, like our bathrooms. In bathrooms, bacteria accumulates when you touch the sanitary units with your hands after using them. The homes with automated bathrooms have doors that open and close automatically and sinks with faucets that work with motion sensors to activate the water. 

If you are looking for a smart home, take a look at the portfolio of Engel & Völkers, your personal real estate agency. Here you will find properties with smart features to satisfy any need that arises. Contact us and we will inform you about the smart homes that will make your daily life more comfortable.

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