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History and modernism in Zamora

It may seem hard to believe, but many people do not know that the town of Zamora belongs to the European Route of Modernism along with other group of cities including Moscow, Budapest and Paris . This is due, fundamentally, to the unique and special beauty of many buildings of this style that can be found in its urban centre and three variants in architecture.

These buildings are a direct result of the urban and architectural boom experienced by the town during the second half of the 19th century. This was also propitiated by the arrival of the railroad and the possibility of expanding after the authorised destruction of the wall. All this meant that the second golden age of architecture was strongly influenced by its old town and the rest of its territory.
- casa-crisanto-aguiar-1-2000.jpg

We mentioned earlier that in Zamora there are three variants of modernism in architecture. The first is purely bourgeois and is characterised by the combination of different types of materials, by the combination of colours, by the presence of curved lines, by the distance of symmetry and proportion and by the preference for natural elements. Many of the examples that can be found in the city were designed by Gregorio Pérez Arribas.

For its part, a second mode is known as 'Sezession'. In this, contrary to what happens with the first, the circles, the pendulums and the straight lines are abound. The third and last is known as Catalan modernism and is typical of cities like Barcelona. The references to medieval style, the subtlety of details and polychrome are its predominant elements.

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For its part, Zamora is one of the few towns that experienced this style in its architecture but did not develop peripheral areas. This has made it possible to find today buildings that are exponents of this style, especially in its historic centre. This caused the chaotic urban helmet of Zamora, which is predominated by the strong walls of houses and convents. This is why Zamora has become an ideal destination to live in.

To name all the modernist buildings of Zamora in these few lines would be impossible. In fact, even if we focused on the most outstanding ones, it probably would be due to the large number and the uniqueness of each of them. However, we can refer to the Casa de Valentín Matilla, the one in Francisco Antón, Valentín War and the one at Felix Galarza. These are just some of the best authentic buildings along this route.

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