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Investment opportunity: what foreigners are looking for in Galicia

Over the years, Galicia has become one of the most sought-after independent communities in Spain. In fact, this is not limited, solely and exclusively, to just tourism. The number of people, both of national origin and those who come from abroad are increasingly opting on investing their money in this region. Here we want to explain the main reasons why this is happening.

Natural sites
There is no doubt that, in terms of natural landscapes, Galicia is one of the most beautiful areas in Spain. This is due to the strong contrast between mountains and coastal resorts that makes it an idyllic and charming place. Rodas Beach in the island of Cíes de Pontevedra, la de Carnota in La Coruña and the cathedrals in Ribadeo de Lugo are some excellent examples. Also, the Rías Baixas inlets are the other highly seductive destinations for any traveller.

Properties in the middle of nature
All those who wish to live away from all the hustle and bustle of cities, whether permanently or occasionally, will find Galicia the ideal place to do so. In fact, there is a variety of rural and country houses available to buy right now. Most of them have been renovated and, in many cases, they are offered as tourist accommodations in which families, couples and groups of friends can come to and enjoy nature as well as experience a different way of life.

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Excellent transport connections
Galicia is excellently connected with the rest of Spain and with most other European countries, mainly thanks to its airports. Among them, Santiago de Compostela is, undoubtedly, the most important one. In fact, this is a bigger airport than the rest and receives a greater influx of passengers. To this we must add the excellent condition of the roads, which have been extensively repaired thanks to the heavy investments made during the few last years. In short, it is a perfect place to get around using any transportation system.

The wonderful gastronomy
We could not pass up this article that talks about the attractions of Galicia for investors without referring to its exquisite gastronomy. This region is famous throughout the world for its seafood and many other dishes of international prestige. This can be proven by asking anyone in other countries what the Galician octopus is, for example. Undoubtedly, one of its most exquisite delicacies.

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Investment opportunities granted to foreigners
It should be noted, in addition to everything we have already mentioned in this article, that both the Government of Spain and the community region of Galicia are granting a great number of incentives to all those foreigners who want to invest their capital in Spain. For example, if they invest in a property or any other type of real estate assets, an amount equal to or greater than 500,000 euros, they are entitled to obtain the Golden Visa. This is a legal document that grants investors permanent residency in our country.

In addition, it should be added that upon purchasing a property, the investors can enjoy certain tax benefits and other incentives in order to choose Galicia as a place to invest their money in. Given these factors together with the advantages of the region, it is not surprising that more and more investors are being encouraged to come here. The independent community of Galicia is experiencing an exponential growth and is now opening its doors to the world in a way that until not too long ago, was quite unimaginable.

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