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Living Coral, the Pantone colour of the year

Pantone's recommendations for interior design in 2019

The Viennese New Year's concert is possibly the most celebrated event of January 1st. Of course, for the time being, for lovers of design, decoration and interior design, the tradition of welcoming the year with the Pantone's verdict on the colours that will set trends over the next 12 months has been consolidated. Although part of the recommendations leaked in the last couple of months of 2018, the colour that should not be missing in any home in 2019 is the Living Coral. This pink shade is similar to Ultra Violet that was introduced last year and the Greenery tone that did the same in 2017. Experts agree that the Pantone colour of 2019 conveys vitality, hope and joy, qualities that are highly valued in real estate.

- Living Coral, el Pantone del 2019

Naturalness in Common Rooms 

In fact, the 2019 Pantone colour has given continuity to opt for natural colours, which would be framed in the New Native style and which is very well known by the real estate agency Engel & Völkers. The first rule to implement this colour in any home is to combine it with neutral tones, especially in large rooms of the house. Thus, the rooms that have features like light wood are the most suitable to fully fit into the properties in the Living Coral colour. As a possible suggestion to give your home a makeover with such characteristics would be the living room or larger rooms with library - you can also include upholstered chairs in this colour and cushions on very light sofas. For those who decide to paint the walls with this tone, it is recommended that the room gets a lot of natural light and that the furniture is as minimalist as possible. 

Rest and Work Areas of the House 

The joviality of Living Coral does not appear too suitable for bedrooms or offices. However, including small details in this colour can contribute to a more pleasant setting, as well as greater importance while working. As possible suggestions, during the winter you can place blankets in this colour on the armchairs or the chairs in the bedroom or office, being an aesthetic as well as functional solution. You can also choose to place a small bin in this tonality in a corner of the office. For those looking for a bolder design, the Pantone of the year can be present in poufs or even on the floor, not tiles but rugs. In the latter case, a better aesthetic effect will be obtained if the walls of the office, for example, are painted in relatively dark tones.

- Living Coral, el Pantone del año

Outside, the Entry Areas And on the Table 
Homes that boast outdoor spaces have no excuse for not including Living Coral in multiple ways. The upholstered hammocks, plastic chairs, or some auxiliary furniture can display this exciting colour. The most used tableware in outdoor spaces, both in plastic and other materials, could also include details in coral. As for the corridors and other areas, perhaps here a greater sobriety is imposed but even so the Living Coral can be be shown through chairs and / or stools. When it's time to sit down at the table, all the diners will find it nice to see this colour on napkins or decorative features inspired by the Pantone of the year.

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