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Renovations that will help increase the value of your house this year

The stabilisation of the real estate market is already a verifiable fact. To sell the house in its best possible condition, it is important to enhance its value by making it more attractive than other properties that are available in the same area. A renovation can achieve an increase in value that ranges between 10 and 15% of the total price of the property. Even if the available budget is not enough to undertake an in-depth renovation, it is always possible to make some simple and very effective changes. This will allow the owner to demand a higher asking price for the property.

Taking advantage of the potential buyer's first impression can be very profitable. According to property sales specialists, the first seven seconds are enough for a prospective buyer to decide whether he or she likes the house or not. Therefore, we must work on making that instant impression on the prospective buyer and this can be done without a huge effort on our part. Painting the walls in light colours is a good start as this can increase the rooms' brightness. 

Taking care of the lighting and keeping everything tidy and clean before the house has a viewing will also contribute to creating that positive feeling.

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But not everything is about that first impression. In fact, this effort can be unsuccessful if the buyer is not happy with aspects such as the layout or the size of the property. It is also possible to increase the value of the house by creating a feeling of more space, without an actual extension. Eliminating partition walls and corridors and taking advantage of bringing the rooms together into larger spaces can help increase the asking price.

The two most important rooms in a house are the kitchen and the bathroom. In the case of the kitchen, changing the flooring, repairing the walls and replacing the furniture can significantly help increase the value of the home, even though it will be a costly task. A cheaper alternative is to paint the tiles and give the furniture a more modern look. The same can be done for the bathroom so the remodelling can be limited to just changing the bathtub for a shower because this is currently the most popular home improvement task.

Storage space is a problem in homes, whatever their size. A good way to increase value is to place built-in wardrobes in your home. These are useful as they take more advantage of the space and can be modernised continuously with a simple change of the doors.

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