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The most important property features for foreign clients

The foreign clients market has become a great option when it comes to selling a home in Spain. However, the type of clients it covers is especially meticulous and attentive. In fact, these clients tend to look for a series of property features without which they are not willing to buy. The following are the most relevant ones: 

The Interior Features of the Property 

Firstly, foreign clients look for air conditioning units in the property they are interested in buying. We must bear in mind that Spain is a warm country and most of these buyers come from colder countries, so an air con is essential for them. In fact, if the installation is through conduits, they tend to show even more interest. 

In addition, they look for bright and airy homes that have large windows from which they can enjoy the scenery. On a less functional level, they are also interested in the fact that the house has a cellar or, at least, a winery. A balcony or a furnished terrace is another feature that also catches their attention. 

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The Exterior Features of the Property 

The gardens and the exterior spaces around the building are features that attract the attention of foreign clients. For them, having the possibility of coming into contact with nature and experiencing the outdoors without leaving their property is usually very important. Similarly, they also show great interest in houses that have barbecue areas as they consider this a meeting point for friends and family. 

Another relevant feature for them is a swimming pool. In most cases, they are willing to make an exception in their budget if they find a house that has a pool in good condition and fully built, especially in areas far from the coast. 

Other Property Features of Interest 

Beyond all that we have already mentioned, foreign customers expect their homes to have at least one parking space in which to park their car safely and quickly. They also value that the distance between the property and the beach is as little as possible, and it must be located in a quiet residential area with security services. 

A good Internet connection is also a must for these types of clients. Keep in mind that, in general, they require fiber optic broadband and similar facilities to talk with their families if they are away or even to run their businesses from the comfort of their home. 

In short, when selling a home, the international market offers unimaginable possibilities. Therefore, we must pay attention and take the opportunity to cater to the needs of these buyers. However, we must bear in mind that if we want to increase the chances of selling our property as quickly as possible then we must provide all the necessary amenities for this type of customer as they can be especially particular in what they want.

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