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A Fun Guide to Torrevieja’s Vibrant and Unique Nightlife

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Torrevieja offers a fun, unique and exhilarating nightlife scene, from themed pubs and karaoke bars to multi-level industrial night clubs and chill lounges. Here we have listed and categorized some of our favorite nightlife venues.

1. British and English Bars and Pubs
2. Irish Bars
3. Spanish Bars
4. Themed Bars and Pubs. 
5. Nightclubs & Disco Lounges
6. Live Music in Torrevieja
7. Quizzes & Quiz Evenings in Torrevieja
8. Bingo Evenings Torrevieja
9. Karaoke Bars
10. Darts Bars
11. Snooker Lounges and Bars with Pool Tables  

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Grumpy’s Bar

A rustic bar positioned on the corner of Ulpiano Street, Grumpy’s is a friendly place where English and British expats can enjoy a variety of English food and drinks, the friendly service, and the popular pool table.

Bar Britannia

Often referred to as the “Cheers” pub (from the American sitcom) of Torrevieja, Bar Britannia is known for its welcoming atmosphere and large portions of English, American and Mediterranean food. Extras: pool table. Address: Calle Soria.

JF Sportbar

A cozy comfortable bar with indoor seating and large glass windows offering views of the greenery outside. They offer home-style cooking, a foosball table, dartboard, pool table and widescreen TVs showing the latest in sports. Calle Argolidas.

Boston Tavern Restaurant

Located in the Torremarina Mall, Boston Tavern features a cozy interior reminiscent of an old tavern and a covered outdoor terrace. They offer a wide array of English meals, specialty drinks, and cocktails. Fun Flamenco nights are on Wednesdays.

The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn is a nautical-themed pub in the Torrevieja Marina. It serves Mediterranean cuisine and offers a quiz night on Wednesdays with prizes, and a karaoke night on Fridays. ADDRESS: Apartamentos Marina Internacional, Puerto Deportivo

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Murphy’s on the Park

A cozy and spacious tavern-like interior, Murphy’s on the Park offers varied entertainment including live music by guest bands, karaoke nights, pool tables and large screen TVs. Calle San Policarpo

Durty Nelly’s

A homely Irish pub, Durty Nelly’s offers live rock and folk music, and also hosts fun karaoke nights. Calle Pola de Siero

J.Mullin’s Irish Pub

A favorite among many Spanish locals due to the Spanish dishes and coffee. Calle Caballero de Rodas

Shannon Irish Pub Torrevieja

Hearty beef sandwiches, pizzas, widescreen sports TVs and live music. Avenida Altos de, Calle el Limonar

Monroe’s Rock Pub

Monroe’s in calle Apolo, is a hard rock-themed bar, with overhead stage lights, and a variety of guest bands. In between live music the pub plays rock music and can also take requests. There is a pool table in the elevated part of the pub. Highly recommended.

My Life Irish Pub

Set over two levels My Life Irish Pub provides different areas where patrons can sit and enjoy their food and drinks—from the lively friendly bar inside, to the outdoor seating area and the spacious balcony on the second floor. Calle Zeus

St. Jeremi’s Traditional Irish Pub

Stone walls, wooden windows and floors, and traditional-style interiors, St. Jeremi’s traditional Irish pub serves a variety of beer, cocktails, coffee and European cuisine. The outdoor seating area offers lovely views of the sea. Paseo Juan Aparicio

St. James’s Gate Irish Pub

An attractive friendly pub with a spacious outdoor area, St. James’s Gate is popular due to its fun atmosphere, good food and excellent choice of beer, drinks and cocktails. A stage in the outdoor seating area provides live music and entertainment while widescreen TVs inside feature the latest in international and local sports. Centro Comercial Torreta Florida

O’Connors by the Sea Irish Pub

A traditional Irish pub situated close to the beach and offering lovely views of the Sea from both indoors and outdoors. O’Connors offers generous portions of Irish and Mediterranean food. Corner of Calle Benijan and AvenidaDr. Gregorio Marañón

Dublin Pub

Dublin Pub offers a comfortable atmosphere and a wide array of signature cocktails, refreshing beverages, and entertainment such as a pool tables, darts and widescreen TVs. Avenida de la Asuncion

Irish Abbey Bar

A family-run Irish Bar, the Irish Abbey offers homemade-style meals and a unique friendly atmosphere. Calle de los Geranios

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Ruta al Sur

Traditional Spanish-style interiors, Ruta al Sur offers breakfast, tapas, Mediterranean dishes, local wines, craft beers, cocktails and has an outdoor seating area with excellent views of the sea. Calle la Sal

Bar El Rojo Cerveceria

A family-friendly bar and restaurant El Rojo Cerveceria (brewery - beerhouse) serves traditional Spanish tapas and paellas and is especially popular for their grilled octopus, and selection of beers at reasonable prices. Calle San Pascual

Los Frutales Sports Bar Restaurante

Run by the friendly owners Los Frutales is an authentic Spanish restaurant and sports bar operating for more than 15 years and a favorite among the locals and expats. Optimal selection of drinks, pizzas and home-cooked Spanish food. Widescreen TVs show live football, F1 and other sports. Calle Gandhi

Bianco Sea Club

Situated near the Torrevieja Marina, Bianco Sea Club is an attractive and modern venue that offers gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, a variety of wines, beers and cocktails, and gorgeous views of the marina and the Mediterranean Sea. Lugar Puerto Deportivo

Cerveceria Balcon de Lomas

Situated in a lively part of Torrevieja, near a local taxi stand, Cerveceria Balcon de Lomas offers ample seating indoors and on the terrace. Particularly enjoyable are thelarge paellas with fresh seafood and spices. Avenida Alfredo Nobel

5 Lobitos Pub

A unique place open only at night, 5 Lobitos Pub (5 little wolves pub) has a friendly atmosphere, open to all generations of patrons. The pub is popular for its cocktail shakers which offer not just a refreshing drink but also a fun experience. Its small interior is countered by the spacious outdoor seating provided. Calle Ramón


Tropical is a fun, friendly and lively bar and is characterized by the upside-down umbrellas suspended from the ceiling to give it a ‘tropical’ vibe. Karaoke nights are also hosted. Calle Villa Madrid

Jefe’s Bar

A chic and minimalist bar / restaurant run by the owner and serving tasty pizzas and homemade-style Spanish cuisine. The bar also offers lovely views of the Torrevieja sunsets. Calle Cupido

Bar Carlos

Bar Carlos is a popular coastal-themed bar and grill featuring a relaxing vibe and family-friendly atmosphere. The bar’s nightly live music and dancing is a highlight in the area. Calle Santa Petra

Bar El Bosque

Located near the Carrefour Hypermarket, Bar El Bosque is a popular Spanish watering hole that offers an extensive menu of Spanish dishes and English speaking staff to help. Centro Comercial Torrevieja, Calle Francisco Atienza Ferrandez

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The Alchemist Pub

Offering a unique experience the Alchemist is designed to look appear as an ancient alchemist’s laboratory, complete with skulls in cages, rustic furnishings and old wooden shelves lined with liquor bottles. There is a foosball table, pool table, and dartboard. Calle Apolo

Kvikk Baren

This Norwegian pub offers unique dishes native to different parts of Europe, as well as nightly live entertainment including poker nights on Thursdays and Sundays, karaoke nights, and top music from guest bands and musicians. The pub features spacious interiors and covered outdoor seating. Calle Eneas

Seven Pub

With a biker atmosphere, including aesthetically piled tires in the outdoor seating area and murals of Harley Davidson motorcycles, Seven Pub provides a unique place to enjoy a cold beer and some lively rock music. The pub has a pool table, dartboard, live music from various bands, and karaoke on various nights. Calle del Cabo

The Trinity Bar

Situated in the village of Cabo Roig, just a few minutes’ drive from the city center of Torrevieja, The Trinity Bar is a very popular karaoke bar and pub. Widescreen TVs at the center of the bar show the lyrics to the karaoke songs being played so all can sing along. Calle del Mar


Viking-themed interiors and spacious outdoor seating, Drakkar offers a unique place to dine and drink. The bar features a pool table, and big screen sports TVs. Calle Diego Hernández

Café Tango

A gourmet restaurant, café and pub, Café Tango is designed as an enchanted woodland with wooden furnishings, chandeliers, décor, and intertwining wooden branches that form a forest-like indoor canopy. An outdoor terrace offers gorgeous sea views. Calle Almudena

El Berliner

Situated at the corner of Orihuela Street in Torrevieja, El Berliner features cozy Spanish-style interiors, with large windows facing out onto the tree-lined streets. Calle de Orihuela


This sports bar is a mix of American and British culture, which can be seen in the retro décor and the choice of dishes and drinks served. Kennedy’s has a pool table, as well as large screen TVs showing various sports. Calla Dinamarca

Royal Deni’s

Located on the beachfront, Royal Deni’s offers superb views of the sea. It’s an idyllic place to relax while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. Avenida Marineros

Sunset Café Bar

Aptly named for its gorgeous views of the sea and horizon especially during the sunset, Sunset Café is an elegant place, perfect for a romantic dinner. Large windows provide lovely beach views. Avenida Marineros

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Zona El Parking

A multi-level zone with nightclubs, live music, DJs, pubs, cocktail lounges, and a restaurant
On the same premises, you will find Green Limbo, a large lounge garden pub and music venue, which gives the impression of a sophisticated night time beer garden, Split Terrace, a large chillout and socializing zone, What The Club (urban-inspired) and Maremagna (Mediterranean vibe) the two large nightclubs, and the Restaurant Insaciable.

It makes a good case for being the best place to dance and socialize in Torrevieja - all under the same roof with free entry and plenty of parking. Lots of variety in music and ambient zones. Definitely something to suit all tastes. Poligono Casa Grande (Industrial Estate), Avenida Delfine Viudes

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Discoteca OZ Torrevieja

Formerly the Pacha Nightclub, Discoteca OZ is an upgraded and improved version of its popular former self. Situated near Aquopolis Torrevieja Water Park, Discoteca OZ is the largest nightclub in Alicante and boasts a new sound system, laser light shows, and some of the finest DJs on the Costa Blanca. Avenida Delfine Viudes



Omerta is set in a unique brick-and-stone building, which leads into a cavern-like interior with stone finishing and warm lights. It exudes a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, perfect to enjoy the live music and a few cocktails. The music varies between dance and chill. Calle Ramón y Cajal

OPENING HOURS: 10:00PM – 4:00AM Daily

Genius Nightclub Torrevieja

Although fairly small, Genius Nightclub offers a lively atmosphere, with a large outdoor seating area. It opens early, and Resident DJs Raul Oliva and Jony Poveda provide pumping mixes of the latest club hits. Casa Grande Industrial Estate, Av. Delfina Viudes

OPENING HOURS: 3:00PM – 4:00AM Daily

Bacanal Puerto

Drawing people of different ages due to its relaxed atmosphere and free entrance, Bacanal Puerto is a spacious nightclub boasting of an indoor air-conditioned area, and an outdoor dance floor with separate lounges. Situated near the Torrevieja Port, it offers spectacular views of the city lights reflected on the water at night. Puerto Deportivo


New Skala Club

An open floor plan with chrome décor, neon lighting, glass floor walkways and glass dance podiums rising above the floor, the New Skala Club is an attractive and modern nightclub. Techno music dominates, with a variety of shows by professional dancers and entertainers.  Calle Isla Tabarca


Tropic 222 Torrevieja

Large and spacious, with plenty of outdoor seating amongst beautifully landscaped gardens, Tropic 222 or Tropic Garden 222 is one of the most popular nightclubs in the area. Designed like a traditional Spanish villa, with tall palm trees inside a courtyard Tropic 222 offers a vibrant and fun open-air dance venue, with plenty of areas to relax and socialize. Avenida Alfredo Nobel

OPENING HOURS: 10:00PM – 3:00AM Daily

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Velice Discoteca

One of the new disco places and nightclubs in Torrevieja, Velice has earned its name and place in the nightlife scene due to its vibrant atmosphere, and the many fine local and international DJs. Velice features 2 rooms: an outdoor garden with lounges where guests can enjoy the Torrevieja air, and the main hall where the party is being held. Music played ranges from EDM, Latin, and deep house, to chill. Casa Grande Industrial Estate, Calle Estay

FOR AGES 18 AND UP. OPENING HOURS: 11:55PM – 7:30AM (Fridays and Saturdays only)

Marina Niki Lounge Torrevieja

Situated in front of the Torrevieja Marina and yacht club, this open-air lounge bar, and nightclub features different dining and lounging sections, VIP beds, dancers, entertainers, a swimming pool and a variety of popular DJs each night. Puerto Marina Salinas Local 3 - 4

OPENING HOURS: 12:00 Noon – 4:00AM Daily

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Amaï Puerto

Located near the Torrevieja Marina it features a stylish, modern and colorful interiors decorated with neon lights and geometric patterns. Amaï Puerto offers themed parties and vibrant music according to the theme of the night. Puerto Marina Salinas, Paseo Dique de Levante

FOR AGES 18 AND UP. OPENING HOURS: 11:00PM – 4:00AM (Fridays and Saturdays only)

Noisse Discoteca

A two-story industrial warehouse nightclub, Noisse Discoteca features a contemporary techno theme complete with purple lights, glass panels and futuristic-looking lounge chairs, tables and bar. DJs and various bands perform live onstage, while the second floor features lounges and VIP areas overlooking the dance floor and entertainment. Casa Grande Industrial Estate, Calle Antonio Ruiz Coves

FOR AGES 16 AND UP. OPENING HOURS: 12:00 Midnight – 7:30AM (Fridays and Saturdays only)

Mango’s Latino Discoteca

Though small and less lavish or glamorous than some of the other nightclubs already mentioned Mango’s Latino Discoteca is popular for its cozy interiors and vibrant music inmcluding salsa rhumba, bachata, merengue, cumbias and more. Food and drinks offer better value than most. Calle Apolo

OPENING HOURS: 10:00PM – 4:00AM Daily

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Auditorio Torrevieja

The International Conservatory of Music Auditorium is Torrevieja’s auditorium and live music venue. This vast and spacious venue seats hundreds including balcony seats that surround the entire auditorium interior. A variety of shows and concerts are held, including musicals, Christmas and New Year concerts and even internationally-touring acrobatic shows. Partida de la Loma (by the N332 and next to the Hospital Quirón)

El Patio Bar & Restaurant

A cozy and peaceful place to enjoy a Mediterranean dinner with live music offered by guest bands, singers and combos. There is also a small outdoor garden and grilling area. Calle Ulpiano

La Fusión Restaurante & Music Club

An upscale fusion restaurant and music club in Torrevieja, La Fusión features elegant interiors, with a bar, sound stage, and a central cooking area where patrons can witness professional chefs prepare their sushi, Japanese meals, and Mediterranean dishes. The live music offered, mixes timeless pieces with modern tunes for the right ambiance. Calle Geráneos 1 Local B

Reflections Restaurant and Bar

Family-friendly with plenty of indoor and outdoor space to dine and unwind, Reflections Restaurant offers Live music by guest bands, including open mic nights. Centro Comercial San Luis, Calle Avilés

Additional Live Music Venues in Torrevieja: (See our reviews of these venues above.)

Monroe’s Rock Pub

The Alchemist Pub

Shannon Irish Pub Torrevieja

Bar Carlos

St. James’s Gate Irish Pub

Tropic 222 Nightclub and Music Bar

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The Sunny Corner

Formerly The Odd Couple, this owners-run-pub is located in the town of Playa Flamenca in Orihuela Costa, just a few minutes from the city. TVs show the latest in sports and Quiz nights happen every Thursday. Calle Niagara

The Captain’s Table

This bar and restaurant is located on the second floor of the Punta Marina Centro Comercial in Punta Prima and due to its popularity, it’s advisable to make reservations if you are dining. Quiz and trivia games are hosted every Thursday night, with cash prizes on offer. Highly recommended. Punta Marina Centro Comercial, 03189 Punta Prima

Bar Alexis

In La Mata, Bar Alexis is popular with families and offers exciting activities such as quiz nights and karaoke, and also features a pool table and dartboard. Avenida de Los Europeos, 03188 La Mata

Jandel’s Bar

Situated on the boardwalk right in front of La Mata Beach, Jandel’s Bar offers lovely ocean views while you participate in bingo nights, “Play Your Cards Right” games and quiz nights. Avenida del Sal, Playa de La Mata

The Queen Victoria

Popular for their English breakfasts, Queen Victoria offers Quiz nights on Sundays, and the occasional bingo evenings as well. Calle del Mar, Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa

Drivers Bar

In the golf urbanization of Villamartin, in Orihuela Costa, Driver’s bar is a family-run bistro-style bar and restaurant  and offers a venue ideal for families. On Fridays, the bar hosts a popular quiz and bingo night. Even if it's a little way out we still recommend visiting due to the opportunity to meet lovely people and make new friends. Calle Tomás Bretón, Villamartin

Vista Bar & Grill

With an attractive, coastal-themed façade and spacious outdoor terrace seating overlooking the city, Vista Bar & Grill offers a fun atmosphere for family lunches and dinners (especially popular are their ribs). There is a pool table and quiz nights take place every Monday. Avenida de la Mancha

Casa Ventura

This unique bar and restaurant features a swimming pool and spacious outdoor seating by the pool. European cuisine is served, and Quiz nights are held. Calle Arbizu

Sackos Bar

Family-friendly and with a comfortable atmosphere, Sackos Bar is a British bar and restaurant that offers tasty food, imported beer, Live music, and bingo, quiz and trivia evenings. Gran Avenida, El Limonar residential complex.

The Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle offers a spacious, air-conditioned dining area, and a large outdoor seating area situated around a swimming pool. Guests can take a refreshing dip while a children’s play area provides entertainment for the kids. Entertainment includes Tribute performances, professional entertainers, and quiz and bingo evenings. Urbanización La Florida, Calle Marte, Dehesa de Campoamor

Restaurante La Sonrisa

Quaint and cozy, with traditional Spanish-style interiors, Restaurante La Sonrisa offers Quiz nights, bingo evenings and fun entertainment for guests. Avenida de los Europeos, La Mata

Additional Quiz Night Venues in Torrevieja (See our reviews above):

Bar Washington

The Ship Inn

- bingo evenings nights bars pubs TORREVIEJA


Bingo Azar

Torrevieja’s most popular bingo hall, Bingo Azar boasts modern furnished interiors, state-of-the-art bingo tables, widescreen TVs, and comfortable plush chairs. A separate area holds a number of slot machines, as well as roulette tables. Calle Ramon Gallud

Additional Bingo Night Venues in Torrevieja (See our reviews above):

Sackos Bar – El Limonar

Drivers Bar

The Queen Victoria

Jandel’s Bar

Restaurante La Sonrisa

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A quaint karaoke bar located on Calle Concordia in Torrevieja, Ratto-Talli offers a warm and cozy atmosphere perfect for a fun night singing your favorite songs or just listening to the live band performances. Bingo evenings are also hosted. Calle Concordia

Alikatz Bar

A favorite among many British patrons, the friendly Alikatz Bar offers karaoke until midnight and dancing until 4 o’clock in the morning. The bar is situated near Torrevieja’s market and beach. Calle Heraclio

Restaurante Karaoke Supersol

Supersol is a Spanish bar serving tapas and is frequented by many locals and tourists. Their karaoke evenings last well into the late night. Avenida Alfredo Nobel

Gintoneria La Caracola

Situated near the Torrevieja Marina, this karaoke pub boasts of bright modern colorful interiors with an  ambiance ideal for karaoke and dancing. The outdoor terrace with views of the marina provides a cozy place to relax. Avenida de los Marineros

Marie’s Rendezvous

Marie’s Rendezvous is distributed over 2 levels and offers plenty of amenities such as a pool table, darts, and free WiFi throughout. Popular are Marie’s signature drinks, the nightly karaoke, and the Sunday roast. Calle Maestro Francisco Casanovas

Bar Tropicana

Located in Playa Flamenca, Bar Tropicana is popular for its Sunday carvery and karaoke nights. Calle Limon, Playa Flamenca

Additional Karaoke Night Venues in Torrevieja (See our reviews above):

Bar Alexis

Bar Britannia

Bar Carlos

Bar Patricia

Durty Nelly’s

Kvikk Baren

Monroe’s Rock Pub

Murphy’s on the Park

Tropical Bar

- darts BAR TORREVIEJA.jpg


Bar Cafetería Naya 501

Naya 501 is a popular pool and darts hall featuring rows of pool, snooker and billiards tables and multiple electronic dartboards with automatic scoring. Calle Los Gases

Bar Santana

Bar Santana is a Spanish bar with a wide selection of traditional tapas, outdoor seating, and multiple dartboards. Pet-Friendly: Pets are allowed on the outdoor terrace. Calle de las Margaritas

C Breeze Lounge Bar

A family-run lounge bar located in Playa Flamenca C Breeze Lounge Bar offers a tranquil atmosphere where guests can dine, drink and converse in comfort and enjoy a game of darts. Playa Flamenca Golf, Orihuela Costa

Additional Darts Clubs and Venues in Torrevieja (See our reviews above):

Bar Alexis

Bar Britannia


JF Sport Bar

J.Mullin’s Irish Pub

Murphy’s on the Park

Marie’s Rendezvous

The Emerald Isle

- snooker pool lounge torrevieja.jpg


Touching Cloth Snooker Lounge

This popular sports bar boasts a large hall with 2 professional-sized snooker tables and a separate lounge area with a bar and big-screen sports TV. Highly recommended. For the more serious, tournaments are often held here. Calle Noruega

Macklin’s Welcome Inn

Macklin’s Welcome Inn provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, a well-maintained pool table, and electronic dartboards. Via Park III, Los Altos / La Florida, Orihuela Costa

The Elbow Room

A chic bar and restaurant featuring a VIP lounge and a private pool or snooker room. Calle Finlandia

Bar Iglesias

Dine and enjoy live music and entertainment provided by guest bands and combos, and afterward enjoy a competitive game of pool on one of the two professional-size pool tables.  Avenida Miguel de Unamuno

Additional Venues with Pool and Snooker Tables in Torrevieja (See our reviews above):

Bar Alexis

Bar Britannia

Bar Iglesias

Bar Santana

Marie’s Rendezvous


Dublin Pub

Grumpy’s Bar

Monroe’s Rock Pub

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