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15 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating a home is not a simple task. However, with a little bit of good taste together with a touch of realism and, above all, a great dose of common sense, it is possible to do this task without facing major problems and obtaining great results. Therefore, in this article we are going to list 15 decorating mistakes that you should not commit under any circumstances.

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1. Do not act on impulse. Before buying any furniture, cushion, sculpture or other decorative features, it is important to use your head and think about how it will go with the rest of your home decor.

2. Not too much or too little. Whether you live alone or as a couple, if you have a large living room, do not buy an armchair or a two-piece sofa and leave the rest of the space empty. The effect will be just as negative as placing a Chaise Longue sofa in a small living room.

3. Always keep a set in mind. It is best to keep the set of decoration elements in one single style. Try to get the most out of a single piece of item.

4. Give importance to natural light. Natural light will make the rooms look bigger and more welcoming so give top priority to this when you are decorating your home.

5. Watch the colours. Shades such as green or blue are only suitable for large rooms with large windows. In all other cases, better to opt for white or yellow.

6. Do not ovedo the synthetics. There should never be more than 10% synthetic materials in your home.

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7. Never use excessive prints. They will only clutter the room. It is always better to use them as details that add a unique touch.

8. Create a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Your living room may be beautiful and perfect, but if you can not sit in it for lunch or read a book, it will not do you any good.

9. Order comes first. To keep everything in order, take care of where you place your decorative elements in your rooms.

10. Look for balance. Not everything has to be glued to the wall. Think of creating a better balance between functionality and aesthetics, just like we mentioned before.

11. Dark colours are not always bad. In fact, when combined with clear shades, they create a sense of spaciousness.

12. Do not put anything in front of windows. Why would you want to cover your windows when you are going to prevent natural light from entering the room?

13. Empty spaces can be decorative. Do not be afraid to leave an empty space available. Oftentimes, the absence of decoration is the best aesthetic and functional solution.

14. Forget the artificial plants. Artificial plants tend to accumulate dust and are easily damaged. Always choose natural plants to give your rooms a nice smell and enhance their beauty.

15. Listen, but just a little bit. You may have a friend who wants to advise you on how to decorate your home, but do not get carried away. After all, it will be you who has to live in that house afterwards.

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