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3 tips to be more productive at work

How can you achieve greater productivity in the day to day work? Basically, in order to do more things in less time you have to avoid distracting yourself, intelligently using interruptions to your favour and visualising the future.

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Time management

Small tasks distract us from the activities we carry out every day. It is better to make a list of the tasks that we have pending, from those that take little time to those that will take up most of your time. Once we have listed them all, we can start completing each one throughout the day and tick it off from the list.

There are many distractions that hinder our concentration and prevent us from being more productive. The digital technology itself, which brings us so many benefits, is also one of the main "time stealers". The emails, private messages and notifications on the mobile phone, social networks, etc. Distractions are highly varied if we are not able to focus properly.

To avoid getting confused with these digital tools, there are some guidelines you can follow: dedicate a few hours a day to look through the emails instead of checking them every few minutes. Switching off the mobile phone is another practical advice we can give you.

It is also less effective to carry out several tasks at once. It is best to choose one of them and concentrate until you finish it before moving on to the next task.

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A task list is a seemingly simple tool, but with high potential. The large tasks can be divided into our list in easy and clear steps. It is necessary to define which tasks are the really urgent ones and which are the most important ones that need to be completed right away. 

By choosing the tasks that we are going to carry out each day, we will be able to set goals. It is important not to plan unrealistically, otherwise you won't be able to achieve all your goals.

Not everyone out there has the same level of productivity at all times. It is very important to identify which tasks need to be completed first and dedicate your concentration on those. 

Learn to care

Getting enough sleep is an important part of being productive. When you're well rested, you will be able to work more.

The first hour of the day can influence how the rest of the day goes. We must stop rushing and prepare for each and every moment in a practical and calm way.

Eating is another really important issue to keep your concentration at an optimal level at work. You must eat fresh foods and avoid heavy meals, fats and sugary products.

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