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5 questions you should prepare for in a job interview

The job interview is a very delicate process that requires special skills on various issues, whether technical or not. It is widely believed that 90% of candidates who fail in their interviews do so because they lack certain skills and companies place their emphasis on finding the most suitable person for the job. 

The HR departments emphasise on the following five typical questions that are asked in an interview, which are likely to reduce the candidate's chances for the desired job if they are not prepared for them in advance.

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Have you ever done a bad job or performed poorly at work? Tell us about it.

It is logical that we do not like to talk about our own failures and more so during an interview and in the presence of strangers who evaluate our candidacy. However, that ability to discuss your failure is a good way to demonstrate your sincerity and learning your own mistakes. This question is one of the ways in which the interviewer wants to check if he or she has the ability to take calculated risks and learns from their mistakes. It would be best, in response, to recognise failures that do not involve serious mistakes or unprofessional behaviours that increase risks in the whole team. The best option is, therefore, to choose a project or initiative that you have failed in completing but not due to your sole performance. Make sure you mention all the factors that contributed to this failure. These responses subtly show some strengths, such as patience, persistence, and tenacity.

Why are you convinced that you would be good for this job?

This is a somewhat conflicting question and the interviewer may be testing your patience. Give your answer in a calm manner and explain everything confidently. Give all the reasons why you think you would be good for this job if you were hired. Keep in mind that this is an excellent opportunity to state why you would be an excellent candidate. 

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As you know, there are many candidates for this job, but why should we hire you?

This is a safe questions but it doesn't mean the interviewer is being unfriendly. The best response would be to mention your job experience and special strengths. The interviewer will be particularly attentive to your level of confidence while you are answering the question. In reality, what they evaluate is your ability to handle complicated questions and situations.

How is our business evolving? What are the key trends?

With this question, the interviewer is inquiring about your knowledge of the company and its performance. In case you are looking for a professional career change, it is advisable to be concerned about studying about the latest changes, major trends and more significant challenges that affect this business. A good solution is to research about the company on Google and don't forget that the interviewer will be evaluating your knowledge through the question.

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