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5 tips to make a good impression at a job interview

When we are facing a job interview, it is imperative to be very careful, because within a minute or so we will be judged by the interviewer. Avoiding disappointments will be the main objective of the person who is forced to go through one of these job interviews. 

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The possibility of leaving a good impression is something that does not offer second chances if it has not been achieved in the first place and that usually means losing the job you have applied for. In addition, to face an interview or any other similar tests generates a certain level of stress that we need to overcome in order to get out of the situation.

There are many factors to take into account, but we can summarise five very specific points that can slide from success to failure.

1.- Take care in choosing your outfit. Undoubtedly, the way the candidate is dressed and what he/she is wearing is the first thing the interviewer observes. The casual dress is something very personal, but to give a good professional impression it is imperative to respect the dress code and wear a formal outfit.

The careful appearance gives the impression that the candidate truly cares about this job position and takes it seriously. Personal hygiene is also just as important. Nobody can offer anything positive at one of these interviews with dirty nails, unshaved beard, or an unpleasant body odour.

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2 .- The greeting must be a firm handshake. A handshake when initiating the greeting with the interviewer is considered the right thing to do. Even if that person does not offer their hand to you, initiating the gesture from you is considered an appropriate behaviour.

However, this also has its risks, especially if the hand that's offered to you is not firmly greeted as it gives a sign of distrust. The candidate who has a tendency to sweat through the palms of their hands should dry them carefully before greeting.

3.- Avoid talking too much. This is usually a sign of nervousness and is considered negative. If the answer to a direct question is not known, it is better to be honest about it rather than ramble on to fill time. 

4.- Adopt an appropriate position. If the situation is stressful you should take care of your posture as it will reveal how comfortable or uncomfortable you are. A good idea would be to practice in front of a mirror.

5.- You must show gratitude. After the interview is over, it is appropriate to thank the interviewer for their time without feeling impatient or relieved for having finished the test.

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