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Buying property as investment: top tips

When all the figures point to a general improvement in the economy, particularly in some sectors such as real estate, it is logical to think about buying a property again not only as a place to live in, but as a good investment for the future.

This fact is already a reality to the point that the General Council of Schools of Real Estate Agents has decided to launch a series of recommendations, addressed to all those who have thought of the possibility of buying a property as investment.

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1.- Pay close attention to the laws of supply and demand in the sector. To achieve profitability based on the purchasing of property, we must pay close attention to the circumstances that affect the supply and demand of real estate in the specific city in which we plan to make the purchase.

In principle, in smaller localities, profitability tends to be higher if it is concentrated in the residential sector, while investment focused on office space or for commercial purposes increases its appeal when we are in the vicinity of large cities.

2.- Monitor the trends of the real estate market. This is another factor to take into account, because it marks the calculated predisposition of the evolution of property values. There are many companies qualified to perform these calculations and a weighted study of these trends can be used to get an idea of ​​how these investments can evolve, according to the city or neighbourhood where we make the purchase.

3.- Count the location of the property. For property agents this circumstance is more than decisive when buying a property, if we want to count on broad probabilities of success. In addition, factors such as the facilities to connect with other areas of the city through public transport, the existence of green areas, shops and quality schools increase the chances of rental or resale of such property.

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4.- General condition of the property. Generally, it is usually less risky to directly buy a home that is in good condition, with a good level of facilities and adequate brightness, because the chances of it getting rented out or sold will be greater.

5.- Evaluate the concrete demand of the area: rent or sell. It is important to take this factor into account in order not to go against the prevailing trend, which would limit the chances of a successful investment.

6.- Possibility of buy to let. This is a very attractive option for short term investors.

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