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Cycling in Valencia

Cycling in the city has many benefits. In addition to being a fun activity, it helps avoid traffic jams and saves fuel. Urban cycling is quicker than car trips because traffic jams can easily be avoided and parking delays will be eliminated.

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Benefits for the environment

Respect for the environment and CO2 emissions is another great advantage of using the bicycle. Recent reports suggest the deterioration of air quality in large cities, with sulfur, ozone and nitrogen oxide ratios above the acceptable level. 

Benefits for our health

Cycling in the big city has multiple benefits, both for joints, muscle and cardiovascular system. Research has concluded that using the bicycle as a daily means of transportation to go to work significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack.

The regular practice of cycling improves our mood, enhances our body's natural defenses, reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and other bone-related diseases as well as benefiting the muscles and strengthening the spine.

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Data and Statistics

In an analysis about the use of cycling as a means of transport throughout Spain, Valencia is placed above the other nine major cities. Around 12% of the inhabitants in the Valencian capital use the bike as a means of daily transport.

Bike lane

The Traffic Management Centre of Valencia has recently updated the map that highlights all the bike lanes in the city. The updated map can be found on the City Council website. In addition, information is available for the correct usage of the bike lane, bicycle traffic regulations, etc.

Between the end of last year and during the first months of 2017, it is expected that 17 kilometres of new bike lanes will be put into operation, which will connect routes that until now did not have continuity. In this way, the bicycle will have its own space in very important locations of the city. Along the new cycle ring there will be new pedestrian crossings.

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This is the service that allows the public to rent bicycles in Valencia as part of the agreement between the City council and a private company.

Valenbisi was launched in 2010 and runs 24 hours a day, all year long.

Currently there are three types of plans: the weekly one (considered short-term), the long-term or the annual plan, which combines the use of different public transport services for a year.

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