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How to keep a Millennial motivated?

Talking about the so-called "millennials", or the millennium generation, means referring to that particular group formed by young people who reached adulthood when the year 2000 arrived. That century brought about a different generation that's completely familiar with new technologies. For a millennial, the use of the Internet, smartphones and social network sites is essential and without them, their lives wouldn't be worth living. 

The characteristics of the era that the millennials have lived and in which they reach maturity have given them a certain character in line with the new difficulties to get a job or prosper in the way they consider they deserve, based on their training.

For this reason, many companies are beginning to think about how they can and should keep those team members who are already established in the their positions motivated. Fulfilling the daily job duties is already a motivation in itself and is one of the things that best values a young man of this generation. But, it is no longer a job at any price if you want your team members to reach their full potential. 

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The non-conformity, the independence, the continuous restlessness are part of the character of this generation. These also apply to their personal life just as they do to their professional one. If there is something that a millennial values ​​positively in a job is the possibility of growing within it and being able to get promoted within a short time.

The forecasts for previous generations no longer work, because in order to get a promotion, they had to work in the same job for three or more years. For these people, this would represent a distant step and not at all motivating. The perception of this reality has led many companies to devise a transition solution, creating intermediate positions that reaffirm the confidence of these employees.

In addition, for millennials, the vision of the company's objectives and the role they will fulfill within those plans is essential to achieving identification. They carry out tasks that lead to obtaining short-term objectives in order to maximise their work motivation.

Such concerns make these people very flexible in their jobs as they are adaptable to changes with great ease. The freedom to break away from the traditional norms of daily work schedules and the workplace also represents an extra motivation factor for them. As this generation does not abandon the idea of ​​mixing their personal life with their work life, they will perform better if a balance is achieved between the two. This will be a success achieved by their own effort and motivation.

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