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Living by the sea reduces stress

In studies conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan in the United States, alongside the Universities of Otago in New Zealand and Canteerbury, the effects of nature on people's psychological health have been carefully analysed.

Tests performed

According to these tests, the vision of water and other blue surfaces have positive effects on our health. The more we look at the blue spaces, the lower the level of stress. Although we are always talking about how relaxed we feel amongst green nature such as parks and forests, these scientists have not found a direct connection unlike they have done with the blue landscapes.

The explanation for this difference between green and blue colours may be due to the fact that blue spaces have been created by nature, and we associate them in that way. On the contrary, green spaces are associated by the human mind to both natural areas and human creations, such as urban parks.

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The benefits of sea water for people

• Taking baths in sea water is beneficial for our skin, especially in patients suffering from some form of skin disease. If we have some small wounds or scrapes, sea water will help the healing process.

• In the case of the respiratory system, with sea water, we eliminate toxins from our lungs and increase the flow of the mucous membranes, compensating for the harmful effects of environmental pollution.

• Muscular system and joints. For the relaxation of muscles and to recover our body from injuries, iodine is a very positive and active principle.

• As we have seen, the magnesium contained in sea water relaxes us. A walk by the sea is a well-known therapy for people with anxiety, depression, or stress, etc.

The beaches of Valencia

Valencian beaches are distributed throughout the whole community and have easy and comfortable access. In Valencia capital, the beaches have a good connection to the rest of the city, as is the case of La Malvarrosa and La Patacona beaches.

With regards to the towns close to Valencia city, the beaches of El Perelló, Cullera, Pobla de Farnals, Mareny Blau, Port Saplaya, and many others are in the list. In the areas of ​​El Saler and El Perelló, there is a series of fishing villages, with protected dunes and beaches of paradisiacal landscapes.

Special mention must be made about the beaches of Cullera, approximately 30 kilometres south of Valencia. This is considered among the best beaches in Valencia with the finest sand. You can also visit its castle, a place with a lot of history.

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