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Queen's Regatta; for lovers of sailing

The Royal Nautical Club of Valencia is currently considered as the most important event in our country. Countless number of sailing races that are recognised nationally and internationally are organised throughout the year. One of the most famous and popular races is the 20th edition of Her Majesty the Queen's Trophy, which will take place during the next few weeks. In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this sport for those of you who are passionate about sailing.

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A Race that has the Support of the Royal Family

The 20th Trophy of Her Majesty the Queen, which is also the 31st edition of the Almirante Sánchez-Barcáiztegui Cup and the Regatta Homage to the Navy, will take place from June 29th to July 1st this year. Undoubtedly, it is the most important event out of all those organised by the Royal Nautical Club of Valencia and the one marked in red on the calendar by sailing professionals in Spain.

The race will once again have the support of all the royal family members and, in particular, Her Majesty The Queen. In fact, the race is performed in her honour, which is the reason it has been named after her. In addition, during this event, the race will also be represented by the highest hierarchy of the Spanish Navy since it is the other institution that has also paid tribute.

Greater variety of sailing boats

The 2018 edition of Her Majesty The Queen of Sailing Trophy will have the participation of boats belonging to different categories that, until now, had never participated in the competition before. This is an indication of expansion in the variety of the races in this competition.

In particular, we are referring to J70 and J80. These are boats with identical characteristics that will compete in real time, which will be an amazing experience and full of emotions for the spectator and for the participants.

We should not forget that a regatta belonging to the Sport-boat class has also been included. Specifically, it will participate in ORC boats that have this title on their certificate.

It will also be the first time that the First 40.7 participates in the competition. They will meet in a single independent class and will have their own classification despite having also the ORC compensation system to which we have referred to about the Sport-boat class.

Just as it has been the usual pattern in the nineteen previous editions of Her Majesty The Queen's Sailing Trophy, the star category will be the ORC flora, which will be divided into five classes. Specifically, it is about the ORC 0, ORC 1, ORC 2, ORC 3 and ORC 4. Which class the boat will belong to will be decided by the characteristics of the boat.

The only remaining category that we must mention is the Open class, which is reserved for family-style cruises. These will sail through the waters of Valencia independently from the rest of the boats.

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Features of the Competition

On June 29th, all the races belonging to the different classes that will participate in the competition will begin. Specifically, each of them will be composed of six rounds, with the exception of those participating in class 4 and Club boats. In those cases, the competition will be reduced to three rounds exclusively.

The high competitive level of the different races that make up the 20th Trophy of Her Majesty The Queen is the main attraction of the competition. In fact, this is the most outstanding part for Pedro Quiroga, who is currently the Sports Director of the organisation that celebrates this event every year.

Undoubtedly, this level of competition is possible thanks to the race course's excellence in which the race is held, as well as the weather conditions, the characteristic of the province, and the excellent technical organisation in the water. Do not forget that the setting is also just as unbeatable on land.

The Previous Edition

Looking back, we found that the Swan 45 Rats of Fire, which had Rayco Tabares on the rod and Rafael Carbonell at the helm, was the absolute champion of the 19th edition of Her Majesty the Queen's Trophy.

The organisers of the event hope that the same can be done on this team, as well as with other Swan 42 and Swan 45. These types of boats have been increasingly common in the competition and, incidentally, have performed excellently with an unbeatable water show. So much so that it has been quite usual taking the positions of highest honour at the final podium.

In short, sailing enthusiasts have an essential date in the capital of Turia between June 29th and July 1st of this year. Her Majesty the Queen's Trophy will once again be the most important race in the city. Without a doubt, it will be a spectacle.

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