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The 10 commandments of marine decoration

Whether you wish to completely modify the appearance of a room or bring small touches of sea and summer to the interior of the home, getting the perfect marine style is easy as long as you follow the rules. Here are the guidelines listed below: 

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1. Colour control

Although different tones that give a unique touch can be introduced, the colour blue in the marine style always goes with white. The navy blue and pure white are the most traditional colours to get the marine effect, but the truth is that you can play around with other tones to achieve the perfect aesthetics with total balance.

2. Light is essential

As a feature of coastal areas during the summer, natural light must be abundant and multiplied without limits by the obvious presence of white in the decoration.

3. Wood and its warmth

Especially interesting if presented in floors and ceilings, you can also opt on introducing small elements that let you see the most natural state of this material. Always giving priority to the lighter tones of wood, it is best to choose natural tones of varnishes to enhance the brightness of the room or paint the walls white in order to create the feeling of space.

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4. The essential stripes

The well-known regular stripes traditionally associated with marine decoration give an excellent result when appearing in the fabrics. To avoid an overloaded environment it is best to combine these stripes with plain textiles in white and in different shades of blue.

5. Naturalness in furniture

In addition to wood, the furniture can be rattan or bamboo to provide that natural and organic touch.

6. Illusions of the sea

Anchors, fishing rods, rope knots, sea shells and starfish are perfect to complete the home decor.

7. Simplicity first and foremost

Always look for balance with clean and efficient marine decoration by introducing some simple details with a strategic layout.

8. Suitable for anywhere

One of the best characteristics of the marine decoration is that it serves to suit any room with excellent results. Whether for the kitchen or for the bedroom, the touches of the sea always bring joy and freshness.

9. Details for the table

This style also offers great versatility to decorate the table at summer get-togethers with friends or family. A suitable centrepiece with marine features and striped textiles in blue and white tones will be enough to achieve this.

10. Gardens and terraces

Thanks to the abundance of light and the help of the outdoors, this style is especially recommended for the decoration of the exterior areas of the house.
bundancia de luz y la ayuda del aire libre, este estilo está especialmente recomendado para la decoración de las zonas exteriores de la casa.
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