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The 2018 senior consultants' event

Engel & Völkers has held an exclusive event for all the senior agents of its branch in Valencia, which detailed information about its business performance during last year and the set objectives to be met for the year 2018. This event was without a doubt one more achievement that we have celebrated and was a total success in every way.

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Details of the Engel & Völkers' event for senior agents

The event we referred to took place on April 12th at the Engel & Völkers' premises located in Luis Vives. The first thing that was done was a presentation from each and every one of the consultants who will be part of our team during the current year 2018 and who have the task of continuing to take steps forward in the field of real estate.

Afterwards, the people in charge of the shop took care of doing a review of the data collected by the team members during the year 2017. We can only say that the review was a complete success. In the midst of the economic recovery that the real estate sector is experiencing right now, Engel & Völkers has managed to further improve its performance results in the city.

In order to reward all those who obtained good results when carrying out their work as senior real estate agents during 2017, we proceeded to make their names public. During this year, they will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits and incentives due to their good work last year. From here, once again, we would like to reiterate our sincere congratulations and invite our staff to continue giving their best and grow with us.

Finally, at Engel & Völkers we prepared a lunch in which all the senior consultants were present and they were able to share their experiences. Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity that we take advantage of to do some 'teambuilding' and strengthen the ties that bring us together in the face of working as a team in the future.

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What are the advantages of becoming an agent for Engel & Völkers?

We do not want to miss the opportunity to emphasise the great variety of advantages that you will have for working as a real estate agent for Engel & Völkers, one of the leading companies in the high standing sector at European level and every time with a greater presence throughout the world.

An active platform at an international level

As we have already mentioned, Engel & Völkers is a real estate company that, although focused on the European market, enjoys an increasingly greater presence worldwide. This means that, when looking for the best option to sell a home, we have a very extensive international network of contacts. Our philosophy is that there is always a buyer for a home, you just have to find them no matter where you are.

Work side by side with the best company

At Engel & Völkers we value professionalism and knowledge. At the end of the day, we offer a unique opportunity for development within the real estate sector. Therefore, we only have the best agents, many of whom have expanded their careers by collaborating with us.

The best technology at our agents' disposal

We never bypass the technological resources that make life easier for our agents. As a result, we currently have one of the most powerful CRM systems in the market as well as several applications designed to facilitate your work.

The most complete property portfolio in Valencia

Focused on the high standing sector, Engel & Völkers currently has a detailed portfolio of properties within the capital of the Valencian Community. All the properties are managed by our team of agents.

A varied compensation plan with excellent commissions

Our company has drawn up a compensation plan that rewards efficiency, experience and expertise. In addition, we offer some excellent commission packages compared to other companies within the sector if we take into account the type of real estate with which we work.

A mentor to guide the new agents

At Engel & Völkers in Valencia we do everything in our power to help our agents reach their objectives as soon as possible. However, we know perfectly well that nobody knowing everything. This is why we take care to provide every new agent with an experienced mentor to guide them through the process.

Ongoing training

We not only prepare our agents to help them carry out their tasks with solvency and to obtain immediate benefits when they start working with us, but we also make sure that they continue to be trained in the real estate sector during the whole time they collaborate with us.

And much more

But in addition to all the above, at Engel & Völkers in Valencia we offer our agents the best online and offline marketing tools to be able to advertise real estate, as well as tools for interior design, photography, architecture, marketing, technical support services, 'team assistant' and the legal teams.

We also have excellent facilities in a privileged place like the historic centre of Valencia, where it is possible to find a 'call centre', video conferencing rooms, etc. What's more, our agents have complete time flexibility so they can manage their time as they wish. The work environment at our premises is also unbeatable.

In summary, Engel & Völkers in Valencia is a company that values ​​hard work but at the same time, it also provides its employees the resources they need and gives them the opportunity to relax as a team and to manage their working day as they see fit. So, if after reading all this you believe that you are qualified to take up a position as an estate agent for us and enjoy all these advantages, we would like to invite you to send us your CV. We are always on the lookout for new talents.

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