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The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence at Work

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to properly manage emotions, both the own and the rest. People who have this ability are able to identify, understand and manage the emotions of their environment. This concept is becoming more and more relevant, to the point where it is being used as an indicator to establish the level of satisfaction and success, both personally and in the workplace.

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Emotional intelligence in companies

Within the work environment, the level of emotional intelligence that employees possess determines the direction of the organisation. The employees who have a high level of emotional intelligence show a greater commitment to their company. In the case of workers with low levels of emotional intelligence, they have less productivity, which means fewer sales and greater job changes. In the latter case, negative behaviours appear as fights, bad working environments, bad mood, etc. All this causes stress and people will eventually "burn out".

The main advantages of a high level of emotional intelligence in the workplace:

Increased Productivity

Several studies have found that subjects with higher levels of emotional intelligence performed their tasks better than those with low levels of intelligence.

Higher sales

Fortune magazine also conducted another study in which it explained that companies with staff who possessed high levels of this intelligence achieved up to 50% more sales than those with low emotional intelligence.

Increased stability 

One of the companies included in the Fortune 500 participated in personality assessments for years in an attempt to reduce the high turnover levels of its business team. Since the company implemented the evaluation of emotional intelligence in its candidate selection process, it managed to reduce this high rotation by up to 67%.

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Employees with high levels of satisfaction

A bank had to reduce its staff by 30% due to the economic crisis. Emotional intelligence evaluations of the remaining employees were performed to place them in different positions of responsibility according to the results. In the end, the bank had better results with a smaller staff and the employees were happier in their positions.

Optimum management of complicated situations

Studies conducted in construction and retail companies showed that employees with higher levels of emotional intelligence handled the difficult situations much better and had fewer accidents at work.

Best customer service

A luxury vehicle sales company selected people with high levels of emotional intelligence for their customer service department. As this company focused its marketing plan on the customer experience it managed to be one of the best valued companies in the automotive industry.

Good organisational communication

Towers Watson conducted another study in which it was found that having employees with high emotional intelligence improved communication and, as a result, had a very positive impact on the company's performance.

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