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The digitisation of real estate market

The real estate market, like much of the different areas of commerce today, has been strongly renewed since the proliferation of the digital age. The different tools provided by the network have been extremely favourable for consumers, who have the possibility of having detailed information about the properties before looking at them. This allows them to buy indirectly without visiting the property in person. This is changing the way the buying process is carried out, making the real estate market experience strong and very promising changes.

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The digitisation of the real estate market is revolutionising the traditional procedures, which is a fact that also motivated the approach of young buyers who feel more at ease with the technology. Prospects for the future are getting better, since this type of strategy is attracting more investors from different parts of the world to use such technology. Distances have been shortened with the help of Internet. This is an advantage that the real estate market is certainly banking on. Below are some of the latest proposals that are transforming this sector and are set to change its direction in the upcoming years.

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Augmented reality
This mode allows the user to view the property they are interested in through an Internet device. With a simple scroll of a button, you can delve into detail and feel as if you are in that property for real. Since its appearance, this tool comes with a better resolution, giving the off-site user a more detailed view than the typical two-dimensional images.

360º Virtual tours
This type of mode is based on the overlay of photographs and, with powerful software, allows a 360 ° inspection of each section of a property. Like the previous application, the perspectives given to this type of tool are substantially better than the ones in photos, since the user has notion of the distance between each room and the potential possibilities that each site offers.

Streaming live video or livestreaming is a very useful tool and, perhaps, the most complete one that currently exists. What is it? It is necessary to find a person in the property who can place a camera in different rooms while connecting the user to the live video. In addition, when the audio is connected, it will be possible to request for a thorough inspection of the property by exploring its every corner in which you are interested.

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