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The holiday rental market of Valencia

Valencia is one of the most precious pearls of the Mediterranean, treasuring a privileged climate where winters are mild and the summer months are bustling with blazing sunshine. Although, as you may already know, the city of Turia can offer much more than this in almost every conceivable word, and is therefore an intensely popular tourist destination.

Valencia perfectly combines tradition and modernity and can offer its visitors many attractions such as historic visits to the district of Cabanyal, where you can enjoy the picturesque charm of a historic site with seafaring roots. But if you prefer a trip to the Malvarrosa beach, it will definitely fulfil or even exceed your expectations.

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The city also offers wonderful day trips to the Silk Exchange, a historical building dating back to the Middle Ages and where there happens to be a Gothic style monument of global benchmark Civil. You can also join the guided tour visits that are organised by travel agencies to the historic city centre, unraveling all the secrets of this interesting area of ​​Valencia, with the option to finish the tour in the central market to taste the delicious horchata, made with all the traditional artisanal wisdom fruits of centuries.

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Valencia also offers the most amazing culture when it comes to museums. Being able to visit places that attract tourists from around the world as the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences, with its emblematic museums like the Oceanographic, the best in Europe for its nature, or Hemisféric sites that are sure to impress with their exterior architecture as well as by the wonders they contain.

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The city provides, moreover, the most excellent and authentic national dishes which combine the very best of Mediterranean food, and aside from these cuisines, particularly seafood, people can enjoy them in beautiful surroundings and even outdoors if preferred, given the excellent weather conditions that often accompany Valencia most of the year.

Of course, within the cuisine, you can enjoy the paella, the signature dish of Spain, as we are in the land that gave birth to the Spanish delicacy since it was first introduced to the world many years ago. Paella can be eaten in its various forms and recipes. We suggest that you take a boat trip to the Albufera where you can find the tastiest rice that accompanies paella. 

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To top it all off, Valencia has a feast of global benchmark such as the Fallas, declared as the International Tourist Interest, and aspiring to be granted by the status of UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity in the celebrations that each year attract thousands of tourists who are eager to indulge in this unique festive frenzy.

All these tourist acttractions potentially make Valencia have a strong demand for housing which is available throughout the whole city with a variety of services. There has been a shift over the last few years as visitors' preferences have been taken into account, from rental homes to traditional hotels and cheap hostels, from which demand has increased substantially. This phenomenon is part of a broader global trend. 

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This is due to several factors among which are economic reasons such as the tourists' comfort as well as the existence of a broad housing market in Spain in general and specifically in Valencia, visitors can choose from a wide range of different properties that are suitable for either short or long stays. To make the most of the sun, sand, and be part of the traditional cultural tourism, then this is the place to come to. 

In this regard, it has also made a great impact on all the possibilities that have opened up to the world of Internet when you can rent apartments, which has been accompanied by a surge of cheap rental properties with sometimes of questionable quality. These rental properties have had a negative impact in many areas as they constantly receive complaints from neighbours, before which the administrations with jurisdiction in this matter try to give an appropriate legislative response.

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On the other hand, renting quality villas, houses, and apartments is also possible. These properties will meet the specific needs of every type of tourist, whether they wish to stay for the short term, or they desire a specific type of property, or they want a property for longer stay. This is an offer which ultimately contributes to the permanence of a sustainable and respectful of its surroundings in the tourism plan, which is essential when you consider the overall weight of the real estate industry within the Spanish economy.

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The commitment to this format is in the ideology of the real estate Engel & Völkers Valencia. This world-renowned agency has more than 160 properties for rent in Valencia, treasuring its authentic jewels to potential customers. The latest listings include high quality accommodation that meets a whole range of preferences and fulfils personal tastes. So if you are looking for a vacation rental in Valencia, make sure you contact us today. We will show you all the available properties we have and suggest all your options

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