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The importance of appearance in a job interview

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion about the importance of first impression. Regardless of whether you apply this concept in your life or not, the truth is that it is an indisputable statement when facing a job interview. After all, those who are in charge of the human resources department have enough prejudices and, therefore, tend to carefully assess the candidates' each and every detail. In fact, they pay attention especially to the candidates' appearance and clothing. This is why we want to dedicate this article to give you a series of tips that will be very useful to please the interviewer and get that job you really want.

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Find information about the company's business culture

Once you receive the phone call from the HR team to attend the interview at the company's headquarters on a specific date, it is then time to get down to work and research the company's philosophy and business culture. Obviously, if it is a commercial establishment, the task is quite simple because all you'll need to do is go to the actual shop and carry out some research. If it is an office, you will have to dedicate your time to browse through its website, its social network profiles, etc.

At this point you can begin to gather details about the proper way you should dress for the interview. Just by taking a look at how the company's employees present themselves, you can unravel the ins and outs of the company's dress code. See if the other employees are dressed casually or whether they wear a tie, a suit, or even sporty clothes.

In any case, what you should always do is choose neutral colours as this will ensure you maintain a discreet and elegant look. Keep in mind that the interviewer will analyse your outfit in order to find out whether your image fits with the company's or not. It is, therefore, advisable to take extra care with your appearance.

Do Not Forget Comfort

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during a job interview, either in terms of style or freedom of movement. No matter how well you know how to act, it is likely that the person in charge of hiring you will realise that you are not feeling comfortable at the interview. Therefore, regardless of the degree of formality required by the situation, it is essential that you always choose clothes that you feel most comfortable in.

Being comfortable with your 'outfit' will serve to transmit to the interviewer a greater dose of security and self-confidence. This feeling is after all what he or she is looking for and it is exactly what you should give them. In addition, the chances of denoting nervousness in any situation will be reduced considerably.

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Beware of Colour

We have already made a brief reference to colour. When facing a job interview, no matter what the dress code of the company is, you should always opt on neutral colours for the clothes you wear. the two most common colours are the classic ones i.e. the black and the white. Black is more appropriate for men and white for women. With regards to make up, although you should wear it, be careful not to go overboard with your face.

It's true that you do not want the recruiter to forget you, but you also do not want them to be reminded of you because you wore flashy clothes that distracted their attention from what is really important. After all, you want them to focus on your work experience and training; not on your clothes. This is also applicable to the accessories you wear, which should be as simple as possible.

Check the Clothes You've Put on Before Leaving Home

You may have found the ideal outfit to attend the interview. However, it is vitally important that, before putting it on, take a look at it in detail. Often times, due to nervousness or any other reason, many candidates appear in the interview with some stain on the jacket or a badly ironed shirt. Undoubtedly, these are details that do not go unnoticed and can negatively affect your image. Do not make that mistake.

Also do not forget about your physical appearance

Your image and clothing are just as important as your physical appearance. In fact, when talking about interviewers' prejudices, there are few worse aspects than a candidate's personal hygiene. Obviously, taking care of your hygiene is very important but if you want to go one step further and be accepted for the job, you must make an extra effort with your personal appearance.

For example, your smile will say a lot about you so why not apply a teeth whitening treatment beforehand to make your smile more presentable. It is also recommended that you take the opportunity to get a manicure and pedicure. Also, perspiration is a silent enemy and often impossible to control. There is no better remedy than the application of deodorants that control odour and prevent sweating. Avoid perfumes that leave a mark on your clothes.

A Final Look at the Accessories

Just as you must pay close attention when choosing your clothes for the interview, you must also pay attention to your accessories. Wearing a certain belt, elegant shoes and a smart-looking watch can be a great success, whereas choosing big earrings, a striking hat or a quirky necklace will end your chances of being chosen for the job.

Follow these tips and you can be sure that your chances of getting selected to join the company's team will grow exponentially. This is mainly possible if you take care of your 'look' as to a large extent, your appearance will be responsible for the success or failure of your interview.

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