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The top 5 skills of a good leader

Leadership not only has to be owned, but also demonstrated. This skill is essential in managing a group of workers as the managers of Human Resources are not enough to give orders. It is also necessary to demonstrate many other qualities. In general, these are the 5 most important skills that every leader must have.


Assertiveness is defined as the ability to relate to others by understanding and defending your own rights while always respecting those of others. This is the key skill that you should put into practice if you want to be a good leader and want other employees to obey whatever you say.


Proactivity is another key concept in leadership ability. You must take a proactive role in your job. After all, the company you work for wants to see how you, as the leader, take the lead and develop all kinds of action plans that give good results. This also involves taking responsibility and not putting the blame on someone else whenever something goes wrong. It's all about team work.

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Good communication skills

It is useless to have leadership skills if you do not know how to convey basic ideas to employees. In fact, it is impossible to be assertive or proactive without good communication skills. Always be respectful and understanding, especially in difficult times, and make objectives clear from the start.

Results-Oriented leader

Any person in charge of a human resources team must work hand-in-hand with all the team members in order to achieve results. To do this, you must, without any hesitation, convey that you have complete knowledge in all the tasks that are assigned to you. When results are achieved, the levels of respect and loyalty from your team members will grow.

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It is not worth having the best team at your command if you do not have the ability to keep the members motivated and boost morale in the company. Lecturing your team is not enough as you will need to reward the efforts that are made by each person or the entire team. You must also praise your team and create healthy competition between them. 

These are the five qualities that every good leader must possess. If you find the balance between them and know how to transmit these to employees, they will be much more productive and show positive results. In conclusion, both you and your team as well as your company will benefit in the long run.

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