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Tips on how to be the star candidate

Finding a new job can be a long process and one of the most important steps is to present yourself as the star candidate. This means qualifying as an ideal candidate is crucial; something for which you can continue to create a strategy based on several steps that can be kept in mind.

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The first criterion to be sure of becoming a good candidate who is capable of facing even the most demanding selection process is to understand that self-confidence is a highly valued attribute. The candidate must recognise his or her strengths and act like a professional who is capable of facing any challenge by always taking into account his or her abilities.
With this, it is possible to transmit a feeling of high self-esteem to the possible employer even for the job positions that come with greater responsibility. The confidence and the security that comes with it should not be considered as being vain. On the contrary, being overconfident can be counterproductive in order to feel secure in one's job.

There is one aspect that is intimately related to the previous one: body language. If the applicant expresses confidence, but not at the time of the interview, the result won't be to his or her favour.
Aspects such as maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, adopting an appropriate posture during the interviewing process and not using the hands to play with the nearby items are some aspects that must be monitored carefully. In any case, crossing the hands in a relaxed posture is a good technique to win in a selection process.

At the interview, it is essential to listen. Obviously, the candidate must respond to everything the potential employer wants to ask them, but making interruptions should be kept to a minimum.
Also, you should always use short sentences when speaking. This means, the concise and direct style is always the best to demonstrate that things are clearly understood and avoiding possible ramblings that do not contribute to anything. Moreover, talking too much can end up making the interviewer confused or lose interest in the answers given, so the candidate should always speak in a clear and concise language.

Talking about previous work experiences is essential in an interview, since it allows the person responsible for the selection to know with certainty the responsibilities or duties that the candidate has had throughout his or her working life.
All in all, this part of the interview can reveal a little more about the candidate's character. The way in which previous colleagues or bosses are described is important. You should always sound positive by avoiding personal criticism. Talking negatively about other people will not be in the candidate's favour. In this situation, you have to act professional and point out the positive aspects of your previous work experiences and avoid the most unpleasant points, especially when they are your based on your opinion.

Asking questions is always a good idea for any candidate. Some people think it's best not to, but they are wrong as their chances of getting selected will be higher. Most interviews leave some time at the end for the candidate to raise his or her concerns or questions.
In this way, we must wait for the right moment and ask all the questions that we have in mind, especially if they are related to the professional activity of a company. This demonstrates interest, knowledge, and curiosity - characteristics that are highly valued by companies seeking new employees.

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A positive attitude can be a crucial aspect in a selection process. Many professionals tend to show inappropriate attitudes despite having work experiences that make them valuable for specific job positions.
Showing nervousness, impatience or lack of empathy with the other candidates are things that should not be done in any case. This sends a negative message to those in charge of the selection process, and they do not usually ignore these details. A positive attitude can be perceived as the candidate having a lot of interest in the job position and in other aspects, such as the enthusiasm to work for the company or passionately talking about previous work experiences.

Acting maturely is very important. It is not a topic that is usually seen in the selection processes, but the professionals in charge of them do take it into account. Maturity is demonstrated in aspects such as describing oneself without over-exaggerating or showing respect for other candidates.
Moreover, a good professional who has an adequate talent for a job position always works from the idea of ​​being able to learn from those around him or her. This aspect must be demonstrated and is key for an interviewer to understand that he is faced with a mature candidate who will be able to handle group tasks constructively.

Perhaps one of the most important factors to becoming a good candidate is not to lie or exaggerate the truth. Even today, this remains a very serious problem in the selection process as many human resources professionals detect lies in a high percentage of candidates.
Exaggeration and lying can happen both in written applications and in personal interviews. It is even possible to get accepted for the job through lying. However, in the end any exaggeration or lie that is told in your CV or interview will be found out sooner rather than later. When this happens, the candidate will have done considerable damage to his or her future career, since employers will immediately dismiss the chosen person.

In summary, it is possible to be a star candidate by following the above tips and guidance. This will greatly increase the chances of getting a suitable job, so it is worth bearing in mind all these tips in order for your career to take off.

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