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To sell or rent out your apartment in Valencia?

To sell or rent out? This is a common question that many homeowners ask us in real estate Engel & Völkers Valencia, especially when they are looking for advice on the subject. Many of these homeowners are faced with an uncomfortable decision on what to do with their empty property.

According to our experience as estate agents, both of these alternatives have their own advantages as selling or renting out can both be beneficial to the owner. So we want to highlight some of these benefits with the intention to assist you in this important decision.

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Advantages of renting out

Generate additional revenue: Having a rental apartment assures that you earn an extra monthly income to help pay the mortgage or other expenses. This is an obvious advantage, but also a very important one.

Prevents deterioration of property: when the house is lived in, deterioration is minimised. This is an important factor if you wish to sell it or move back in.

Works as collateral: it's not just the rental money, but having one or more properties is an excellent endorsement if applying for a bank loan.

Investment value: the money invested in real estate has higher returns, especially in cities like Valencia.

No more worrying about the house: an empty house attracts two things, first the deterioration of the property and the second squatters who want to move into the place by force.

Easy terms: the terms of rental contracts for apartments are easy to handle, so handling the paperwork will not be a major problem.

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Advantages of selling

Economic benefit: The real estate evaluation is one of the aspects that can be crucial when selling including, location, number of rooms, square footage and the condition of the house.

Avoid responsibility for the maintenance and care: Having a home generates responsibilities when it comes to paying for repairs and maintenance, but if it is sold you will be released from any of the charges that it can generate.

No dealing with tenants: Often, having to deal with tenants may not be the most pleasurable experience so selling the apartment can avoid such drawbacks.

Capital gain: If the property you want to sell is the only one you own, you can have the privilege of receiving capital gain, which you can use towards another property.

If you still have questions about selling or renting out your apartment, please contact the real estate Engel & Völkers Valencia, we'll advise you on alternatives that suit you.

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