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The country estate and tourist assets have gained great relevance within the real estate sector. In fact, more and more people are investing a good part of their wealth in them. For this reason, at Engel & Völkers Valencia we could not miss the opportunity to offer our services in this area. And, at the moment, we are true specialists. Read on and find out why both concepts are synonymous with profitability.

The great attraction of the country estate and tourist assets that we have started to talk about is causing hundreds of foreign investors to be targeting Spain and, specifically, Valencia. And it is that, in many ways, the capital of Turia offers a good number of competitive advantages compared to the traditional markets of these, that is, Madrid and Barcelona.

Algunas de nuestras fincas y villas / Some of our country estates and villas

Valencia, a city with an excellent location

The first thing we want to refer to is the excellent location of Valencia within Spanish territory. In this sense, it is located exactly between the mountains and the coast, which, in addition to increasing the variety of the real estate offer, is a great attraction for both nature lovers and sun and beach tourism.

On the other hand, it is almost a no-brainer to say that the Valencian coastline has some of the best beaches in the country. Likewise, within its territory, it has an excellent cultural offer headed, as it could not be otherwise, by the City of Arts and Sciences. These are probably the main reasons that explain that, in recent years, the growth in tourism figures has been exponential.

In general, Valencia is a short distance from Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, to this we must add that, at the moment, there are high-speed train lines that go directly to both cities, so travel is much shorter. As if that were not enough, the border with France is not particularly far either.

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A city to invest in

Nor should we forget that, in terms of infrastructure, Valencia has nothing to envy Madrid or Barcelona. In the first place, Valencia International Airport is one of the most important in Spain and tens of thousands of travelers arrive from every corner of the world every day. Several operating airlines connect the city with countless countries.

On the other hand, from a more local perspective, Valencia's infrastructures are also privileged. In fact, the city has a magnificent metro service, urban buses, commuter trains, etc. This provides the opportunity to get anywhere in the city in minutes, no matter where you are. This can be extrapolated to the whole of the province, which has magnificent roads.

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In light of all the aforementioned, it is quite easy to find the reasons why so much foreign and national capital is being invested in the city and province of Valencia. For this reason, at Engel & Völkers, we have decided to take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to us and start managing country estates and tourist assets of interest. In fact, we have a large team of professionals specialized in the field capable of providing you with the advice you need.

In short, whether you are trying to find and buy a luxury property or invest in tourist assets in the city of Valencia, contact us. We will offer you the solutions you need.

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