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Top 10 reasons you should settle in Paris

There are 197 countries recognized by the UN in the world and many cities with over 10 millions inhabitants. What makes Paris so special ? How is it that Paris attracts more than 30 million visitors each year. Is it our lifestyle? The beauty of the city? What can possibly attract so many people in the French capital? Here are the Top 10 reasons why Paris has become the "place to live", a place where you could settle down once and for all.

Ah Paris! The city of love, the city of lights, a placed worshiped by so many people... Even the Parisians will tell you after years of living there: there is something bewitching in this city, that holds us. You cannot leave it without suddenly missing it. Paris is like a beautiful woman, full of mysteries. It's the city that makes you think "Why not settle down ?" If you're still hesitating, we very much would like to present you with the reasons why you should move to Paris.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you have to move to Paris!

- Top 10 des raisons de s'installer à Paris

1. The art and architecture

From the Middle Ages to modern times, when sight seeing Paris, we subconsciously look at the history that unfolds right in front of our eyes. The architecture of Paris is rich and gets back way over centuries: from the time of Clovis to Napoleon III, through the Gothic architecture of the thirteenth century, not the mention the impact of the Italian Renaissance, and the preserved monuments of the Universal Exhibition (the Eiffel tower, Grand Palais), Paris is living proof of centuries of history. There is something for every taste on every street corner.

The word beauty takes a meaning for everyone in the French capital. In addition, the city is full of artistic experiences. It has more than 150 museums, including the Louvre and the Orsay Museum that appear on most of the world's best museums lists.

2. The weather!

It is not mentioned enough but the weather is pleasant. All four seasons reveals a different kind of city. It's hard to choose which is our favorite because Paris reinvents itself with new colors, becoming more and more beautiful each month.

Christmas in Paris is about street markets and broad avenues where you can spend hours shopping... In the summer, you can wander through the Tuileries or Palais Royal's gardens... On top of that, it's definitely much milder and less humid than the British weather!

3. The city of Gastronomy

Needless to say, but french "cuisine" is now classified as World heritage of Humanity. Paris is as culturally as gustatorily rich. No one can deny that the best restaurants and chefs in the world are from or have lived in Paris! According to the gourmet bible the « Michelin Guide », 91 Parisian restaurants are shimmering with one to three stars.

4. The French Viticulture

Tasting a good meal with a delicious wine, what else ? First things first, you are in the right place to enjoy both. France is the largest producer of wine in the world! It has 13 large and 9 small terroirs. The choice is rich and diverse... Fruity, dry, burgundy, choice is all yours.

5. Paris, the center of the world

Location is perfect: the center of Europe cradled by the Atlantic Ocean. Paris allows you to travel and discover many other destinations. The rest of France also has so many treasures that might surprise you.

- Top 10 des raisons de s'installer à Paris

6. An unequalled infrastructure

Paris is perfectly wired and can be proud of one of the world’s most developed transportation systems. No matter what you're plans are, there's always a good way: underground railways such as Métro and RER, High Speed ​​Trains (TGV), railroads, roads, canals and navigable rivers, airports, etc. You can also rent a bike and go from Bastille to Champs Elysées in a few minutes.

7. Prestigious schools

Like we wrote in our previous article, "The 10 best reasons why you should come and study in Paris"

Wether you want to study business, engineering, art or philosophy, in Universities like "Sorbonne" or in the famous "Grandes Ecoles", the city of Paris is well known for it's high ranked universities. On top of that, primary and secondary schools such as kindergarten, primary, and high school are well developed. Moreover, the city has many renown bilingual schools.

8. Headquarters and international companies

Paris has more than 10 % of all head offices throughout France. It also has 19 international company headquarters, a good argument if you're looking for a new job or change of professional scenery.

9. The Euro value

Weakened by the vote in favor of Brexit, the Pound is becoming cheaper against the Euro, reaching its lowest level since late March 2014. In addition, the Euro remains very advantageous facing US Dollars - about 90 USD for 100 EUR -.

10. Invest in the most beautiful properties

Paris is still very cheap compared to other capital cities of the world like Hong-Kong, New York or London. And prices will rise over the next few years. It's time to invest in the Parisian real-estate market.

According to the website, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is much lower than London for instance. The quality of life in Paris is very good and ranked 30th according to the annual Mercer survey.

- Top 10 des raisons de s'installer à Paris

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