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David Scheffler - Engel Volkers France

David Scheffler

President France Belgium Netherlands - Member of the international executive board
Laurence Peillon - Engel Volkers

Laurence Peillon

Chief Financial Officer France
Alexis Caquet_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Alexis Caquet

Managing Director
Sylvie Labouret

Sylvie Labouret

Managing Director Assistant
Marc Fourrier Engel Volkers

Marc Fourrier

Recruitment and Network Development Manager
Rudy Henry New_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Rudy Henry

Executive Assistant
Robert Oganian_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Robert Organian

Operations Manager France
Paul Betmalle_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Paul Betmalle

CRM Manager
Inès Pavlova_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Inès Pavlova

Executive Assistant to David Scheffler - Coordinator Private Office France
Magali Benhaim 2021_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Magali Benhaim

Team Leader Paris 1 / Paris 2 / Paris 3 / Paris 4
Lou Lemoine-Talamoni_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Lou Lemoine - Talamoni

Team Assistant Paris 1 / Paris 2 / Paris 3 / Paris 4
Frédéric Merville_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Frédéric Merville

Team Leader Paris 5 / Paris 6
Sophie Lerner Engel & Völkers

Sophie Lerner

Team Leader Paris 7
Dina Martin-Bouyer_RES_Hintergrund_2110x1582_300dpi_CMYK.jpg

Dina Martin-Bouyer

Team Assistant Paris 7
Hafsa Saouli 2021_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Hafsa Saouli

Team Leader Paris 8 / Paris 16 North
Camille Gabin - Engel Volkers

Camille Gabin

Team Assistant Paris 8 / Paris 16 North
Julien Nodanche

Julien Nodanche

Team Leader Paris 10 / Paris 11 / Paris 12
Lidia Fernandes Oliveira_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Lidia Fernandes Oliveiraa

Team Assistant Paris 10 / Paris 11 / Paris 12
Sylvia Duflot 2021_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sylvia Duflot

Team Leader Paris 15
Sacha Delaunay_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sacha Delaunay

Team Assistant Paris 5 / Paris 6 / Paris 15
Ludovic Marie_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Ludovic Marie

Team Leader Paris 16 Passy
Sarra Heni_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sarra Heni

Team Assistant Paris 16 Passy
Olivier Esquerre_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Olivier Esquerre

Team Leader Paris 17

Patrycja Blazejewska

Team Assistant Paris 17
Florine Gadaut_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Florine Gadaut

Team Assistant S17
Regis Besse 2021_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Régis Besse

Team Leader Paris 9 / Paris 18 / Paris 19
Sophie Herbert 2022_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sophie Herbert

Team Assistant Paris 18 / Paris 19
Omar Meniri New_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Omar Meniri

Team Leader Rental Department
Cécile Duong_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Cécile Duong

Team Assistant Rental Department
Sandra Sabah 2021_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sandra Sabah

Team Leader Neuilly-sur-Seine / Levallois-Perret / Deauville
Valentine Raimbault_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Valentine Rimbault

Team Assistant Neuilly-sur-Seine / Levallois-Perret

Luisella Vitale

Office and Assistants Manager
Caroline Maitrejean Engel Volkers Paris

Caroline Maîtrejean

Head of Marketing France
marion garnier - engel volkers paris

Marion Garnier

Offline Marketing Manager
Alexis Lefranc

Alexis Lefranc

Online Marketing Manager (CDA, Belgium, Netherlands)
Antoine Guillemin_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Antoine Guillemin

Online Marketing Manager (Paris)
Chloë Bergouts_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Chloë Bergouts

Press Relations Officer & Editor-in-Chief of GG Magazine
Charlène Sellez

Charlène Sellez

Human Resources Manager
Sophie GUYOT

Sophie Guyot

Oumayma Laraki_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Oumayma Laraki

Supplier Accountant
Elvira Otorbaeva_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Elvira Otorbaeva

Clients Accountant
Kameela Benoist - Engel Volkers Paris

Kameela Benoist

Katia Minukhina - Engel Volkers Paris

Katia Minukhina

Sofiane Morin_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sofiane Morin

Baptiste Mottet_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Baptiste Mottet

Legal and Recruitment Assistant
James Hejazi

James Hejazi

Legal Department Director
Patrick Benie_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Patrick Benie

IT Manager
Sophie Willcocks_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sophie Willcocks

Front Office & Lead Manager
Sébastien Banas_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sebastien Banas

Front Office & Lead Manager


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