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Privacy Policy

Effective 25 May 2018

We respect your trust in us to use,store and share your information. In this notice, we explain how we collectpersonal information about you, how we use it and how you can interact with usabout it.


This notice is designed to be assimple as possible, however, if you wish to discuss any of its terms, or wishto receive more detail, please see our website at


You can also ask for more details ator office on 71 Main Street, Kinsale, Co Cork or contact us on 021 477 3200.


1.         Who we are

This privacy notice (the “PrivacyNotice”) applies to all personal information processing activities carried outby Finest International Real Estate Ireland Ltd.


Finest International Real EstateIreland Ltd. is a private company limited by shares, trading as Engel &Voelkers.


Finest International Real EstateIreland Ltd. is a data controller in respect of personal information that weprocess in connection with our business (including the products and servicesthat we provide).


When we talk about “Engel &Voelkers”, or “E&V”, “us” or “we” in this notice, we are talking aboutFinest International Real Estate Ireland Ltd. t/a Engel & Voelkers.


Our principal address is 71 MainStreet, Kinsale, Co Cork and we can be contacted by emailing to, by phone on 021 4773200 or by fax on 021 477 3100.


Any reference to “you” or “your” refersto anyone whose personal information we process.


We may share your information withinthe Engel & Voelkers Group to help us provide services that you haverequested from us, comply with regulatory and legal requirements, and improveour products.


We respect individuals’ rights toprivacy and to the protection of personal information. The purpose of thisPrivacy Notice is to explain how we collect and use personal information inconnection with our business. “Personal information” means information about aliving individual who can be identified from that

information (either by itself or whenit is combined with other information).


2.         How we collect information about you

We collect personal information from you, for examplewhen:

·  You enquire with us aboutour services of selling and/or leasing a property for you or finding a propertyfor you.

·  You instruct us to sellor lease a property for you;

·  You enquire about ourproperty listings for sale or for rent in Ireland and/or Overseas;

·  You proceed with thepurchase of any of the properties we are instructed to sell;

·  You enter into a leaseagreement for any of the rental properties we are instructed to let;

·  You ask us to keep youinformed about any of our new properties that we may list for sale or for rent.

·  You sign up to ourregular property updates.


We may also collect informationthrough our website, apps, social media, discussion forums.


Our website uses ‘cookie’ technology.A cookie is a little piece of text that our server places on your device whenyou visit any of our websites or apps. They help us make the sites work betterfor you.


When you apply to avail of our services, and during the timeyou use these, we may carry out information searches and verify your identity.


Personal information we collect mayinclude:

·  Personal information,including name and postal address, date of birth and contact details (phone andfax numbers, email address etc);

·  If we are providing aservice to you, or on your behalf, where we are required to do so by law, wewill collect information relating to your identity, which will be at least oneform of photographic identification (such as a passport, a driving licence oran identification card) and one form of documentation with proof of your placeof residence (such as a recent utility bill).

·  Where you are not thelegal owner of the property we will request details from you as to your abilityto sell or let the property such as a Power of Attorney, Grant of Probate,proof of directorship etc.;

·  Your Personal PublicService Number (PPSN) or Tax Reference Number (TRN);

·  Information about thetype of property you are searching for including but not limited to size, location,home specifications, your budget etc. or any information about yourcircumstances which would allow us to help you in your property search and finda property that is suitable to your needs;

·  Bank Account Details

·  Financial information,such as mortgage approval letters, proof of funds to verify offers made onproperties can be met financially etc.;

·  employment information;

·  and such otherinformation that may be required to make a decision on a sale or rental of aproperty.


3.         How we keep your information safe

We protect your information withsecurity measures under the laws that apply. We keep our computers, files andbuildings secure.


The security of information is veryimportant to us and we have measures in place which are designed to preventunauthorised access to your personal information including but not limited to:

·  Our client files arestored on our secure Customer Relationship Management System. Access isrestricted on our client systems to those within the business who are requiredto have access to your information for legitimate business purposes.

·  Hard copy documentationis stored in secure offices and locked cabinets.


All information is hosted by ourservice provider Engel & Voelkers Technology GmbH in information centreswhich have systems and protections in place to protect against bothunauthorised access, and other external factors that could cause damage to yourpersonal information.


We ensure access to personalinformation is restricted to Engel & Voelkers Cork employees and workers orother persons working within the Engel & Voelkers Group on a need to knowbasis.


Training is provided to any of those Engel& Voelkers employees and workers who need access to personal information.


When you contact us to ask about yourinformation, we may ask you specific personal information in order to identifyyourself. This is to help protect your information.


4.         How long we keep your information

The period for which we will keep yourpersonal information will depend on the type of service you have requested fromus. The retention period may be longer than the period for which we areproviding services to you where we have statutory or regulatory obligations toretain personal information for a longer period, or where we may need to retainthe information in case of a legal claim. We do not hold it for longer thannecessary.


5.         Meeting our legal and regulatory obligations

Touse your information lawfully, we rely on one or more of the following legalbases:

·  performance of acontract;

·  legal obligation;

·  protecting the vitalinterests of you or others;

·  public interest;

·  our legitimateinterests; and

·  your consent.


To meet our regulatory and legalobligations, we collect some of your personal information, verify it, keep itup to date through regular checks, and delete it once we no longer have to keepit. We may also gather information about you from third parties to help us meetour obligations. If you do not provide the information we need, or help us keepit up to date, we may not be able to provide you with our products andservices.


6.         Consent

Sometimes we need your consent to useyour personal information. With direct marketing for example, we need yourconsent to make you aware of products and services which may be of interest toyou. We may do this by phone, post, email, text or through other digital media.


You can decide how much directmarketing you want to accept when you apply for our services.


Before you give your consent, we tellyou what information we collect and what we use it for. You can remove yourconsent at any time by contacting us.


7.         How we use your information

Weuse information about you to:

·  We use your personalinformation for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations to you to let orsell your property or, if you are a prospective purchaser or tenant, for thepurposes of arranging a contract for sale or a lease for you.

·  provide relevant productsand services;

·  provide you withupdates on our property listings;

·  identify ways we canimprove our products and services;

·  protect both ourinterests;

·  meet our legal andregulatory obligations;

·  for employment relatedpurposes;


To provide our products and servicesunder the terms and conditions we agree between us, we need to collect and usepersonal information about you. If you do not provide this personalinformation, we may not be able to provide you with our products and services.


8.         Your information and third parties

Sometimes we share your information with third parties.

Forexample to:

·  Provide products,services and information;

·  To communicate withother parties involved in the sale or rental of a property such as solicitors(including the solicitors of the other side of the deal), banks, landlords,tenants etc. as is necessary to facilitate the sale, purchase or tenancy;

·  To fulfil our or ourclients obligation to register a tenancy with the Residential Tenancies Board;

·  To carry outmaintenance of properties that we are managing we may share your contactdetails with third party contractors whom we engage in order to organise accesswith for maintenance checks and work to be carried out;

·  Prevent financialcrime; and

·  Protect both ourinterests.


We expect these third parties to havethe same levels of information protection that we have.


We will share personal informationwith our regulators, governmental or quasi-governmental organisations, lawenforcement authorities and with courts, tribunals and arbitrators as may berequired from time to time in order to comply with our regulatory and legalobligations.


Where we use third party servicesproviders who process personal information on our behalf in order to provide servicesto us. This includes IT systems providers and IT contractors as well as thirdparty referencing or screening agencies for the purposes of the prevention anddetection of crime.


9.         International transfers of data

We may transfer your personal informationoutside of the European Economic Area (EEA) to help us provide your productsand services. We expect the same standard of data protection is applied outsideof the EEA to these transfers and the use of the information, to ensure yourrights are protected.


10.      Your personal information rights

You will find information about yourrights, when they apply and our responsibility to you on our website’s DataProtection Section.


You can exercise your rights bycontacting us at 021 4773200, calling to our office at 71 Main Street, Kinsale,Co Cork, or by visiting our website at


We can help you with:


Accessingyour personal information: You can ask us for a copy of thepersonal information we hold. You can ask us about how we collect, share anduse your personal information.


Updating and correcting your personaldetails.


Removing consent: You can change yourmind wherever you give us your consent, such as for direct marketing.


Restricting and objecting: You may have the rightto restrict or object to us using your personal information.


Deleting your information (your rightto be forgotten). You may ask us to delete your personal information.


Moving your information (your right toPortability). Where possible we can share a digital copy of yourinformation directly with you or another organisation.


When you contact us to ask about your information, wemay ask you to identify yourself. This is to help protect your information.


We generally do not charge you when you contact us toask about your information.


11.      Making a complaint

If you have a complaint about the useof your personal information, please let a member of staff in our office know,giving them the opportunity to put things right as quickly as possible.


If you wish to make a complaint youmay do so in person, by telephone, in writing and by email. Please be assuredthat all complaints received will be fully investigated. You can register acomplaint through our office, by phone, by email or in person.


We ask that you supply as muchinformation as possible to help our staff resolve your complaint quickly.


You can also contact the DataProtection Commission in Ireland at


12.      Updates to this notice

We will make changes to this noticefrom time to time, particularly when we change how we use your information, andchange our technology and products.


You can always find an up-to-dateversion of this notice on our website at will also find a copy on display at office or you can ask us for a copy.


We would encourage you to visit ourwebsite regularly to stay informed of the purposes for which we process yourinformation and your rights to control how we process it.



Licence Partner Contact


71 Main Street | P17 NW42 Kinsale
+353-21-477 3100


71 Main Street | P17 NW42 Kinsale
+353-21-477 3200
+353-21-477 3100



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Sign up for our newsletter and automatically receive the latest information.

You can find out in detail here which data is stored and who can access it.

I can revoke my consent at any time for the future.

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