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A childhood dream or the desire for perfection? - Home cinemas open up many possibilities

Creating a cinematic experience at home within your own four walls is a challenge of a special kind. But if you enjoy relaxing in a cinema seat and forgetting the world around you, it could well become your new favourite project.

Here are some important aspects to consider during the planning phase that might just inspire you to get started!

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- The first step in making your dream of a home cinema come true is to have a clear concept. Find out more in our new blog!

The fascination of film 

Flashing lights on the red carpet, the glittering gowns of the stars, premiere ceremonies and film festivals - this is what we associate with Hollywood, the home of film-makers. And hardly anyone can escape the fascination of the dream factory. 

Critics call it escapism - escaping reality - but there has always been something special about switching from everyday life to the world of images and narratives. Past or future - everything is possible and dreaming is explicitly encouraged.

The appeal and magic of film are closely linked to experiencing its atmosphere in a cinematic environment. It used to be the charm of the red, plush armchairs and the rattling of the projectors, today often replaced by the perfection of modern technology in large, avant-garde halls with every conceivable comfort. 

Blockbuster or Milanese La Scala - the choice is yours

Whether you want to enjoy the latest cinema productions or a celebrated performance from one of the world's opera houses at home, a home cinema opens up these possibilities in a quality very different from that of the television screen. Not only can it be a highlight of family entertainment, but it is also ideal for a social gathering with friends over homemade popcorn.

How much immersion is possible and desired?

Immersion refers to immersing oneself in a virtual world, and the level of immersion can vary depending on the design of the home cinema. We recommend developing a clear concept.

Before starting to plan, it is important to answer the most important questions: What home cinema options does my property offer in terms of space, and what budget is available for implementation? Is there a separate room or should the home cinema be integrated into the existing living space, which is always also a communal space?

Ask your family what they think, because when it comes to making alterations, it's important that everyone agrees and shares their ideas. 

There are of course highly specialised companies that offer everything from planning to installation from a single source in the form of a modular system. But perhaps you would like to use the upcoming dark season to start your own Do-It-Yourself project? Consult a professional to assist with planning and then proceed on your own initiative.

The level of immersion depends on the quality of the audio-visual reproduction. Will the living room be transformed into a temporary cinema hall with an oversized screen and a customised sound system, or will the perfect home cinema be set up in a basement room with all the bells and whistles? 

Room acoustics - the importance of the physical parameters

Achieving a superior sound experience in your home cinema is dependent on various physical factors. First and foremost are the room acoustics, followed by the quality and placement of the speakers in the room. Even the most expensive loudspeaker doesn't perform well in an empty hall. 

What possibilities do you have to influence the room acoustics? Distributors offer prefabricated modules and special materials ranging from suspended ceilings to heavy curtains. Reverb is highly undesirable for a perfect audio experience and making a room sound good can be tricky.

Get advice here too and look into the effect of absorbers, which prevent sound waves from being reflected through the room, and diffusers, which make sounds sound more spatial. 

Your home cinema speakers should be of good to very good quality to take full advantage of the room acoustics. Be sure to test the sound quality before you buy, because regardless of the manufacturer's promises, they have to suit your very own listening preferences!

Tips for achieving the best possible viewing experience in your home cinema

The size and type of projection surface are also a matter of taste. The cinema effect can be created with an oversized flat screen of the latest generation as well as with a perfectly stretched frame screen. Drop down projector screens are cheaper, but often have disturbing imperfections and are therefore less suitable.

All-in-one special TV and projection solutions are available for home cinemas. If you want to use your living room which you can only darken slightly, look for a daylight-compatible laser projector. Should you opt for a beamer, be aware of the unwanted fan noise and consider moving it to the next room. This can often be achieved by making small structural changes such as installing a window in the wall.

A well-planned and implemented home cinema offers audio-visual enthusiasts a wonderful opportunity to indulge in their passion within the comfort of their own four walls and in an atmosphere of privacy.

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