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Chiara Galliano - Visual Artist

Dressing your home with taste and with furnishing elements that make us feel good, that inspire us and nourish our spirit is very important and affects our daily life.

These reflections have led us to propose an artistic suggestion to our Customers and Visitors who we welcome every day to the Agency, hosting three very special artistic works in our spaces.

The artist who created them is an advocate of the importance of beauty that permeates every area of ​​existence, from places to environments, to people's behaviors, to art which obviously can become its maximum expression.

She is Chiara Galliano, photographer and visual artist, her roots are Piedmontese, she lived and worked for many years in Milan where she took her first steps in the world of high fashion and then devoted herself fully to artistic expression through photography.

The three works that we exhibited exclusively in our shop in Asti, are taken from a larger series entitled "Inside Beauty" that the artist created in 2020, drawing inspiration from the territory in which she currently lives and works, Monferrato.

The theme of the entire photographic series is the beauty, expressed through the colors and shapes
offered by nature.

"I think that the bond between what we see and what we assimilate emotionally is very strong."

Chiara Galliano tells us "The intent of these works is to capture the eye of the beholder, leading him into the color so that he can be inebriated by its energy and the disarming beauty of nature. This emotional journey takes the viewer to another level of perception, intimate and completely personal, different for everyone and capable of giving a feeling of refreshment and well-being. "

What the artist offers us is a vision of the world that is unique and at the same time different for everyone, it is a window on infinity. "I believe that giving or giving yourself a piece of art is like choosing to cherish an eternal emotion, when we want to find it again, just look at that work and let yourself be carried away."

We hope to be able to offer you the right inspiration for your future visions, on any emotional landscape your dreams will appear.

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