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Holiday Home: an excellent investment

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Buying a second home has several advantages. In addition to being a long-term investment, in fact, many buyers, belonging mainly to the middle class, see in a second property an immediate source of income.

Already at the time of purchase, three owners of a holiday home in four evaluate the possibility of a temporary or permanent lease of their property.

There are many good reasons to rent. On the one hand, the building is inhabited, which is an absolutely not negligible security. On the other hand, the income derived from leasing can be a way to recover the costs of the holiday home, as well as representing an additional source of income. The price of the property also plays an important role for the new owners. In fact, the more expensive the property becomes, the more unlikely it becomes the hypothesis of an immediate lease.

However, a holiday home is not an investment exclusively in terms of capital: in addition to immediate gains, one of the main reasons for buying a second property is the opportunity to guarantee a personal future security. In particular, the interest rates that, for the financing of the property of their dreams, are currently quite low contribute to this.

The higher the price of the holiday home, in fact, the greater the time that the owners here will tend to spend there.

The holiday homes on Lake Iseo are bought mainly by foreigners: Germans, Dutch, Belgians but also Americans and Russians increasingly choose the lake as a destination for their holidays as a location for their second home. The mountain, Ponte di Legno in primis, however, is still predominantly a market aimed at Italian customers who want to move from the city to breathe the beauty of the Alps.

For foreign buyers, leasing, or in any case the use of a holiday home as a capital investment, and the possibility of spending short holiday periods in the property play an important role. This last aspect is fundamental especially for those who live in large urban centers.

Overall, therefore, the holiday homes are more diversified than expected. Not all customers, however, buy a holiday home simply for vacation but often as a real estate investment for the future. Engel & Völkers can put you in touch with high-level international clientele who are interested in selling their property on Lake Iseo and for one or other of the exposed reasons you will love it at first sight!

Contact us to know more about the second home market on Lake Iseo and to define together with our consultants the best strategy to find your property on the lake.


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