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On the Southern bank of the Lake Iseo in the famous Italian province of Lombardy sits the spectacular ancient town of Iseo. Found in the region of Franciacorta, the town is conveniently serviced by a train station and several bus lines. The city of Milan and its two international airports is a little over an hour away to the west of Iseo, while the city of Verona is only an hour to the east. The cities of Bergamo and Brescia are even closer, being 36 and 23 minutes away respectively. Close to the west is the Riserva Naturale Torbieredel Sebino, a wetland reserve offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and wildlife, while to the north is the spectacular Lake Iseo which stretches 25km towards the Camonica Valley.

The town of Iseo has convenient supermarkets like Conad and Italmark, as well as smaller shops and local grocers like Panificio Profumo di Pane. There is convenient access to pharmacies, clinics, salons, banks, a police station, and schools can also be found along its captivating streets. Facilities like a hospital, fitness center, sports complex, and specialty stores selling electronics, stationary, and hardware are also within easy reach.

The town center showcases timeless architecture, historic buildings, picturesque parks, museums and libraries. The local train station connects Iseo to the city of Brescia and to the northern towns of the Alps, while the LS002, LS003, LS021, and LS022 buses travel to many of the neighbouring towns in FranciacortaAlong Iseo’s coast you will find ferries and boats for hire that take passengers around the majestic lake to visit the many medieval towns along its banks and also the marvellous lake island - Monte Isola. Covered in olive groves, Monte Isola’s alluring paths lead to several villages and a chapel at the peak of the hill.

Alongside Iseo’s winding renaissance streets are traditional Italian village homes in soft and refined colours. Attractive cobble streets and striking brickwork fill the town with old-world charm, while elegant apartments border Iseo’s many piazzas and parks. Outside of the town center tranquil villas with a classic Italian aesthetic are plentiful.

Cycling is a popular activity, while traversing on foot using Iseo’s many pedestrianised streets is a charming experience. Some of the highlights are strolling through the Piazza Garibaldi, enjoying the many cafes that offer alfresco dining, and enjoying a treat from Pasticceria Ravara’s blissful homemade desserts on the Via Campo.

An impressive statue of General Giueseppe Garibaldi, one of the leaders of the Risorgimento who unified Italy in the 19th century, presides over the Plaza. Many other beautiful works of artistry can be found throughout the rest of the town – including the Oldofredi castle, built in the 12th century and repaired in 1161 after war with the Holy Roman Empire. It was transformed into a monastery in 1586, and now serves as a public library and museum. Nearby is the Pieve di St. Andrea church, said to have originally been built in the 6th century. It has since been renovated several times, but its beauty only grew with the addition of ornate decorations and paintings, like those by the 19th century Francesco Hayez, considered to be one of Italy’s leading painters of the Romanticist style.

The heart of Iseo is certainly the Lake that shares its name, known locally as Lago d’ Iseo, which provides a priceless view from the old town’s lakeside promenades. The timeless streets, relaxing cafés, and classic Italian architecture are balanced by an abundance of modern conveniences and connections to the outside world. Iseo is a cultural, historic, and scenic marvel worthy of admiration.

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