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Let's discover Lago Maggiore Piedmontese shore

Arona, Meina, Stresa, Baveno, Verbania, up to Cannobio. A path between enchanted corners and villas of great charm

Lago Maggiore is the longest Lake in Italy, with about 64 kilometers of shores running from South to North towards Switzerland. Its long sides are divided by an imaginary line in the center of the water: Piedmont on the right, Lombardy on the left.

If along Varese coast we find Luino, Rocca di Angera, Ispra, Caldè, a journey to discover houses for sale Lake Maggiore Piedmontese side, can only lead to Arona, and going up north to Meina, Stresa, Baveno, Verbania, Cannobio and so on.

These are villages of ancient origin, often dating back to Roman times, as they were located on the route that led from Milan to Simplon Pass. Magical corners that are always worth a visit, but above all that hide real estate jewels, fabulous villas immersed in an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and unparalleled beauty.


Let's start this journey to discover the houses for sale Lake Maggiore Piedmontese side from the most famous place: Stresa. Always a holiday resort, a place of culture, but above all one of the most famous tourist destinations in Piedmont. Its promenade overlooks the Borromean Gulf and the splendid Borromean Islands. Here the style is at home and historical events take place such as the well-known Musical Weeks. Few people know that the very first editions of Miss Italia took place in Stresa, from 1946 to 1949.

 Laveno M.
- case in vendita Lago Maggiore sponda piemontese.jpg

From the hills immediately behind Stresa it is possible to enjoy an extraordinary panorama. The privileged point of view is a splendid villa built in 1927 amidst a green park of 8,000 square meters. It is a real castle of about 600 square meters, renovated in 2008 to get the best out of its historical charm, but with suggestive hints of modernity. A mix of privacy and luxury for an exclusive stay.

 Laveno M.
- case in vendita Lago Magiore sponda piemontese.jpg

Living room with elegant fireplace inside the castle of Stresa.

The area is dotted with beautiful landscapes and properties of all kinds, apartments, but also medium and large villas. Here you can take a look at the houses for sale in Stresa still available in our catalog.


Each bend of Lake Maggiore hosts corners not to be missed, starting with Arona, the largest port of the Lake and one of the best-known villages. Orange flag by the Italian Touring Club since 2011, San Carlo Borromeo was born here and, much more recently, Mike Bongiorno was buried here, choosing Lake Maggiore as his final resting place.

Today, especially the apartments for sale in Arona are very popular in our catalog, but those looking for a prestigious home to buy also love to wander around.

A few kilometers from Arona is Meina, a town that offers the best in terms of relaxation and privacy, right in front of Rocca di Angera.
 Laveno M.
- Case in vendita Lago Maggiore sponda pimontese - rocca-di-angera.jpg

Here there is also the naturalistic museum built by the Faraggiana family in the mid-nineteenth century, which houses many animal species and a botanical park. On the road to Stresa, the Roman and medieval villages of Lesa and Belgirate are small pearls facing Colle della Motta Rossa. After Stresa you arrive at the Baveno and Feriolo centers. On the other hand, those interested in possible real estate investments go further to discover the magnificent houses for sale in Verbania.

Born at the beginning of the twentieth century from the union of Intra and Pallanza Municipalities, Verbania is the most populous center of the entire basin at Lake Maggiore. Among the houses for sale Lake Maggiore Piedmontese side, in Verbania sits Villa Il Leoncino, built on the hills of Intra in the 1930s. It features an Italian botanical garden of 8,000 square meters dotted with patches of azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, rose gardens, peonies, ficus repens.

 Laveno M.
- case in vendita Lago Maggiore sponda piemontese - Verbania.jpg


Once you have passed Verbania heading north, you will encounter other small agglomerations before arriving in Switzerland. Selva, San Maurizio, Ghiffa, Norvaglio, Camogno, Oggebbio, Cannero Riviera, Carmine.

This leads to Cannobio, geographically located north of the Swiss city of Lugano. In Cannobio, with Villa Del Sasso, there is another noteworthy property among houses for sale Lake Maggiore Piedmontese side. It is a villa of approximately 1,200 square meters, spread over 4 floors, ideal for luxury hotels or bed & breakfasts, surrounded by a park of approximately 15,000 square meters and a private beach.

 Laveno M.
- case in vendita Lago Maggiore sponda piemontese - Cannobio.jpg

Main entrance of Villa del Sasso, with splendid panoramic view.

With the Municipality of Cannobio - where the remains of a Roman necropolis were also found - you reach the Swiss border and end a journey through extraordinary villages and unforgettable views, as only Lake Maggiore can offer.

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