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Villa Lago Maggiore. Everyone his own decor.

Warm colours and floral patterns typical of the Art Nouveau or cool tones of the Industrial Chic style? Discover our style tips to make your Villa Lago Maggiore unique

Not everyone has the privilege of owning a villa Lago Maggiore and enjoying the infinite beauty of a landscape surrounded by mountains and hills. Immersed in a scenery of water expanses, islands, parks, nature reserves and castles, the Lago Maggiore Villas for sale offer endless customization opportunities with just one priority: enhancing the enviable position and the beautiful panoramic view.

According to your personal taste, you can choose from different interior design styles: from the Art Nouveau to the original Industrial chic, from Californian to Mediterranean style. Here are our tips to make your Villa Lago Maggiore a one-of-a-kind property.


If you have a strong floral and decorative taste, if you cannot do without enveloping and wavy lines wherever you look around, then the Belle Époque style is perfect for you.

From the external facade to the interior walls, from the floors to the furnishing accessories, everything can be customized to make your villa Lago Maggiore the perfect location to enjoy your days or to invite your friends and family for the summer holidays. But be careful not to exaggerate with it, because it takes little to let yourself be over-ridden by whimsy that can lead to bad taste. So here are some tips.

So floral patterns, geometric or oriental decorations, soft colours such as beige, ivory, cream or the classic wallpapers colours are welcomed. Also, the stained glass for doors and windows are perfect, if you want to create light effects. From the interior decor perspective, it is better to choose Art Nouveau furniture with soft, curvilinear and rounded shapes.

With such a furniture, you will be ready to show off a home worthy of Alfons Mucha's paintings.

 Laveno M.
- 190302_E_V_LM_Verbania- Villa Sofia ©S.Anzini_180 dpi_12.jpg


If the goal is to switch off at the end of the day in order to forget the city bustle and to reconnect with nature chasing for relax, then a Lago Maggiore villa with pool is the one for you.

Once you have chosen your villa, let’s focus on the style: fresh, neat and colourful. Our advice is to choose between shades of white and blue, which are the classic Mediterranean colours. Regarding the materials, both for doors and windows, the furniture and the interior accessories, it would be better to have rustic and rough ones such as wood or stone, avoiding cool ones such as steel, glass, polycarbonate or laminates. Green light also for artistic elements made from recycled materials to enrich walls and outdoor spaces.

 Laveno M.
- Per blog 1.png


Is Italy in your heart but the west coast charm is too strong? Then You need a furnished house front Lago Maggiore in the unique Californian style. You just have to draw inspiration from the dream villas of the Hollywood films or from the classic beach houses of the California coasts. 
Brightness and large spaces play the main role here, with a clear predominance of white, of warm colours, which are particularly suitable for curtains and fabric coverings.

Another great protagonist is the wood, not only for the floors, but also for the ceilings and the furniture, ideal for giving warmth, naturalness and a welcome feeling to the environment. 

What about an original touch for the outside? An American style veranda, where you can spend summer evenings, letting yourself be captivated by the Lake view.

 Laveno M.
- 180615_E&V_LM_Ranco ∏S.Anzini_300 dpi_18.jpg


If you are looking for a modern and original style to customize your villa in Arona, then we offer you an original combination of contemporary art and creative recycling.

Let’s imagine a villa on the Lake inspired by old factories or industrial sheds converted into living spaces. For an industrial chic style decor, the essential elements are the walls with exposed bricks or finishes with metal or concrete effect. Regarding the floors instead, the must combination is the stoneware with wood or stone effect, while for the furnishing accessories the metallic shades of steel and of the rust dominate, alternating with the light tones of off-white, the bright shades of copper.

What cannot miss in your Industrial Chic villa with Lago Maggiore view? Some refined pieces with a typically vintage taste.

What are you waiting for? If you have already found your home, than just use your imagination and decorate it. But, in case you were still searching for your dream villa Lago Maggiore, then just visit us in Laveno Mombello, via Labiena 81. We are waiting for you! 

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