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Share the success!

Success is a wonderful thing. Sharing that success even more so!

We believe that our business operations are inextricably linked with a duty to act in a socially responsible way. That is why we have founded the Engel & Völkers Charity e.V. in october 2008 to actively support a primary school project in Togo, West Africa. Aided by the generous support of our employees, Licence Partners and the Engel & Völkers Management Board, we are together financing the building of a primary school, which will educate more than 200 children on a daily basis in the years to come.

Perceiving the world around us, aside from the finer things in life that Engel & Völkers in particular is so familiar with, we cannot fail to see the hardship and adversity in our world and it is our moral duty to provide help where it is most needed. The living conditions of children living in the so-called “Fourth World” leave no scope for evasion and discussion. Action must be taken and aid provided quickly.

What exactly is a primary school in Africa like? What is the vision for the project?

The children attending the primary school in the future will learn how to read and write in the official language French, as well as learning arithmetic. French is the “1st foreign language” for children, as they speak various different dialects in their respective villages. This common language is the prerequisite for going on to attend secondary schools, which is funded in Togo by the state and by charitable means. Various cooperatives are in place to train craftsmen, who can then find employment in the country once they have qualified. The university in the capital Lomé offers the opportunity to study for various different academic degrees. Education is also an investment in the future!

Get involved and make a real difference, donate now!

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The Engel & Völkers Charity issues a donation receipt for all donations of 50 euros and more. This is also the case for donations received from abroad, although no guarantee can be provided that the receipts will be officially recognised by the respective local tax authorities. We would ask for your understanding that we are not able to issue receipts for smaller donations due to the administrative costs involved.

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