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Tours not to miss while staying in Riccione, Italy

Many people love to come to the resorts of Rimini or Riccione for a beach holiday, but not many know the hidden jems waiting just around the corner to be discovered. For those willing to explore and to have rather an active holiday, the location offers a possibility of a one day trip to the splendid gems of the Adriatic coast.

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The greenery of Gabbice Monte

Travel 20 mins down the south by car and you can find breath taking panoramic views over the Adriatic sea. Entering the town of Gabbice Mare and driving up the mountain, on the first turn you will becaught by the panoramic views overlooking the Gabbice Mare town and the yachts in bright blue water surrounded by the pine forests and hill greenery. Once arrived to the tiny town on top of the hill –Gabbice Monte, you will find two terraces with breathtaking views waiting to admire and the main town square where you can enjoy your dinner with a view.

For those wishing to avoid the traffic, the location is easy to reach taking the train to Cattolica. If travelling with children, they will enjoy the ride with a historical train from Gabbice Mare or a modern style pullman with large glass windows to enjoy the panoramic routeup to the Gabbice Monte.

Baia Vallugola, a bay of tranquility

If you are willing to escape the crowds and enjoy a calm beach day further from the city fuss, Baia Vallugola is the location not tomiss. The beach is surrounded by the green flora of Gabbice mountain and a tiny port of Vallugola where the yachts dock. You can expect few international visitors coming from the only hotel located on thetop of the hill, however, usually the beach has a calm atmosphere with a soft and relaxing music sounds since it is not crowded andreachable only by a car o yachts. Taking a yacht from Yacht Time Riccione to the bay can be a good choice for those wishing more privacy and comfort.

Hiking in Parco Sasso Simone e Simoncello

Undiscovered by crowds, the regional park of Sasso Simone eSimoncello, located 50 km from Riccione offers hiking routes withs pectacular nature views to admire and fresh air to release anytension throughout your mind, body, and soul. Panoramic views and antique castle lovers should not miss a stop in Fortezza San Leowhile  going back to Riccione.

Beach of the Two Sisters

Exotic beach lovers will be pleased to know that 1 hour driving from Riccione, and taking a boat from Numana you can reach the fascinating Beach of Two Sisters. The two sister rocks rising from the Crystal clear water create a memorable bay scenery worth to spend a day in.

The picturesque Republic of San Marino

The tiny Republic of San Marino is located just 20 km from Riccione. San Marino is the world‘s fifth smallest republic and declares tobe the oldest constitutional republic in the world. San Marino, founded in 301 AD when a Christian stone-cutter Marinus escaped from Dalmatian Rab island in order to avoid Diocletianus persecution.Settled down on the Titan mountain, he has built a chappel and created a small Christian community. The owner of the land was a lady called Felicissima from Rimini, who later has left a testament granting the land to the community and advised the people to Always remain united.

This beautiful republic is worth visiting for spectacular views ,historic old town, duty-free shopping, outlets, unique art galleries and Sanmarinese cuisine. Once arrived, climb up to the Titan mountain, a part of the Apennines mountain range and the highest point of San Marino. Watch the guard change at San Marino palace (takes place every 30mins starting at 2:30 pm), visit the antique Guaita, Montale, or Cesta – the three citadels of San Marino for the picturesque views over the San Marinese ladscape. After the hike, rest your feet in one of the restaurants offering a traditional rabbit stew (the rumour has  you won‘t find any better than the Sanmarinese stew), or visit one of the wine&liquors stores where occasionally tastings events take place.

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