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The elegant chic furnishings conquer the houses in Treviso

Refinement and a touch of distinctive personality. Attention to detail and colors. The ideal style to highlight the uniqueness of a home

Elegant chic: a style that combines two apparently alternative characters is conquering the panorama of furnishings in houses in Treviso. Refinement, distinctiveness but also color and motifs that denote character. Well-kept environments, cultivated in detail, never left to chance. An elegant chic home is characterized by an intertwining of modernity and past, by refined structures and furnishing elements, and spaces designed to highlight style and uniqueness. Each house should be personalized according to the owner's taste and characteristics. But there are elements of the elegant chic style that return. Here are which.


Colors are the protagonists in an elegant chic house, both in the furnishings and on the walls: aqua greenyellow, but also the gray scale. Or white. Strong colors can be used, such as turquoise and orange. The chromatic impact is a peculiar trait of this style, which distinguishes it from a more classic elegance.

- foto1.png


There is no real choice of field between a furniture with a classic character and a more modern one, on the contrary, often the two styles interpenetrate in a blend that does not clash. Minimal complements can be combined with others with a retro character. Also in this case the study of color helps to give a touch of uniqueness and harmony.


It is in even the smallest details that the style of a house and its owner emerges. A decorative object, a mirror, a decoration, even the arrangement of a carpet. In an elegant chic house, attention to small and large clues of style and refinement cannot be missing. An example? Look at the perfect arrangement of the rugs inside this Treviso house for sale, as the perfect chromatic contrast of the cushions.

- foto2.png


Symmetry, balance, an organized overview, complexity and simplicity go hand in hand. The elegant chic style combines all these elements with a practical and comfortable furniture. Bringing everything together to perfection, with an eye to refinement and one to variety that often eludes traditional elegance.


As we have understood, this style makes variety a value. Elegance goes beyond the canons to experiment with taste. There are few limitations in this research. But there is one thing that definitely cannot enter an elegant chic house, and that nobody wants in their homes in Treviso, and it is neglect. As we have seen for the attention to detail, the overall care is also important. Nothing should seem randomly arranged, nothing should give the impression of sloppiness or forgetfulness.

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