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Homes for sale in Treviso: tips to sell at the right price

Are you thinking of buying a house in Treviso or selling your property at an advantageous price? Francesco Grandesso, Engel & Völkers office manager, explains how to do it

It is the most northerly region of Italy, one of the richest and able to offer high standards of living. We are talking about Veneto and its pearls immersed in the mountains and waterways, such as Treviso, which, year after year, has become a very popular destination where to buy a home and move. Better still if accompanied by experts in the field.

Yes, because when we talk about houses for sale in Treviso, the competence and professionalism put in place by a Treviso real estate agency is certainly wider than that of a private individual, who does not have enough time or simply does not know the secrets of the sector to quickly conclude a good business.

We talked about it with Francesco Grandesso, who thanks to his over twenty years experience as a real estate agent in Veneto, has learned to know the market and estimate the sale prices of real estate based on real and advantageous data for those who have to sell or buy.

Do you think it is possible to establish the selling price of a property using a mathematical formula?

It would be nice but no, there is no formula. The variables involved are many and only an experienced real estate agent can give a correct assessment.

What factors influence the price of houses for sale in Treviso?

First of all, the type of property, but also the layout of spaces, finishes, position, historical market moment, number of potential customers willing to buy it. Finally, the supply of similar properties on the market in a given period is also very important, and if it is high, it can affect its value to the downside.

But who decides which price should be applied to a property?

The Treviso real estate market. The higher the cost customers are willing to spend on a property in a given area and in a specific historical period, the higher its selling price will be. A potential buyer would never consider a higher demand than the current market price. The professionalism of a real estate agent also lies in its ability to give the right assessment of the property it is to propose.

If a private individual wanted to sell a Treviso apartment would he be able to evaluate the selling price himself?

The private is based on prices found on the internet or in magazines, often unrealistic. At that point, he chooses to give his property a higher value in the hope of earning more. The problem is that placing a property on the market at a price higher than its actual value generates disinterest on the part of potential buyers, in addition to very long time frames. The result will lead the private individual to sell after a long time and at a price lower than its value.

Why is it better to rely on a competent agency?

Buying homes for sale in Treviso is a very important and expensive step and only a competent agency can protect the customer from the risk of wasting time and money. The same also applies to those who think of selling a house. I believe that nobody is dying to risk thousands of euros. Personally, if I had to make a big investment or sell the house in which I lived for years and to which I care, I would like to be followed by the best professional.

You work for a long time in Engel & Völkers Treviso. Why would you recommend it as the best real estate agency in the area?

For the passion, professionalism and methodical and widespread organization that can be perceived inside. We are able to make real and reliable evaluations of sales prices, we use marketing strategies and tools that allow us to find the right customer for any type of property. We also offer constant support to the seller in the most delicate passages such as proposals, preliminary notaries and stipulations.

Are you thinking of buying houses for sale in Treviso or selling your property at an advantageous price? Professionals like Francesco Grandesso are waiting for you at Engel & Völkers.

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