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Working at home during pandemic: here's how to organize your space

When the home becomes an office, it is important that there is no lack of silence, comfort and functionality. For those looking for a Treviso house for sale, some useful tips on how to ensure an optimal environment

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Italians into the home for over two months. Our daily habits and experiences have changed radically and this also applies to work. Even now that travel restrictions are gradually easing, many companies have chosen to continue with the smart working methods to limit risks as much as possible. The house, therefore, will remain our work environment for a long time: for this reason it is essential to organize ourselves so that we can do it with comfort and concentration.

Therefore, for those looking for a Treviso house for sale, certain characteristics of space and structure must be carefully considered. Let's look at some of them, along with some advice on how to organize and better enjoy work from home.


The first rule of smart working is to reserve a space that is dedicated exclusively to work. This obviously applies to those who share the house with others, but it is also very important for those who live alone because, in addition to being a matter of practicality and concentration, it allows you to clearly mark the time to dedicate "to work".

The ideal is to have a room to be transformed into a studio: a comfortable and silent environment in which to carry out your business, keeping it "separate" from the rest of the house. It is clear, therefore, the value of a property with a sufficient number of rooms to guarantee this possibility: our Engel & Völkers experts are ready to guide you in the search for a Treviso house for sale where you can organize the space in the most practical and efficient.


Once you have identified your office area, it is important to set it up in the best way, according to your specific needs. This applies as much to the technological equipment (computer, printer, etc.) as to the comfort: a spacious desk, an ergonomic chair, suitable light points. If possible, place the station next to a window to enjoy natural light as much as possible. Many experts also advise to provide plants, for a touch of vitality and color, but also because they contribute to absorb electromagnetic waves and therefore to purify the environment. Then reserve a space for a small relaxation area: a coffee machine or a kettle, perhaps next to a window with a view, are enough to guarantee you a pleasant break without necessarily having to leave the work environment and risk being "absorbed" ”From home life.

Finally, in an era where most of the work is closely linked to electrical equipment, one aspect that should never be overlooked is the functionality of the system: the position of the power outlets and the quality of the optical fiber, for example, are aspects that must be taken into consideration. So if you are looking for a Treviso house for sale, remember to talk about it with your Engel & Völkers consultants to be sure to get proposals in line with your needs.

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A common risk for many people who work from home is that of not being able to "disconnect". Today we are all connected and it is very difficult to avoid getting involved with emails, messages and video calls even in moments that we would normally not dedicate to work. Taking time, respecting breaks and especially having fun once you are "out of the office" are essential aspects for well-being and also for productivity: working too much does not mean working better at all. Imagine ending your working day and being able to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the garden, or an aperitif on the terrace with friends, not to mention a dip in the pool, for the lucky ones who have one. We have a future ahead where even free time will be increasingly confined to home walls: an excellent reason to look for a Treviso house for sale that will guarantee you spacious roomsterraces or balconies, large outdoor spaces: such as valuable properties that they are part of the E&V portfolio for apartments for sale Treviso.

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