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Prestigious real estate Treviso

Prestigious real estate Treviso

Engel & Voelker is a point of reference for those who intend to purchase prestigious properties in Treviso. The company offers an updated selection of splendid villas for sale throughout the territory, with a view to making available to its customers a catalog as complete as possible of prestigious properties and dream homes in the most luxurious areas of the city. Thanks to an accurate portfolio that includes castles for sale, luxury apartments, villas and farmhouses, Engel & Voelker is able to guide its customers in choosing the ideal residence with great professionalism, using experience and preparation combined with great confidentiality and discretion.

Engel & Voelker, which has always specialized in prestigious Treviso real estate, has a long-standing history, the origins of which date back to Hamburg, Germany. The foundations of the company were laid when Dirk C. Engel founded Engel & Cie in December 1977. As the sole representative of a US real estate company, Dirk Engel began selling properties to German investors directly from the center of Hamburg. A few years later, Dirk C. Engel and Christian Völkers decided to jointly open a real estate service office in the suburbs of Hamburg. The first location was a villa located on the historic Elbchaussee boulevard, the facade of which can be found in today's company logo. The two founders continued with the development of a real estate business that would totally revolutionize this sector. With the introduction of the franchising system, the implementation of innovative marketing concepts and the continuous international expansion in the first and second home markets, the intermediation practices previously considered standard are abandoned to become a luxury brand with a international success.

Today, the company is able to respond with innovative solutions to the traditional real estate sector. Thanks to the use of digital tools and IT products, it is perfectly capable of proposing new standards in the creation of intelligent solutions for real estate brokerage, and the provision of excellent services relating to all aspects of real estate.

What are the main reasons that can make Engel & Voelker the best partner to rely on in the case of prestigious properties in Treviso?

  1. Network. With more than 800 offices located on five continents, we have a unique global network that allows you to access numerous potential customers with high solvency..
  2. Support. Competence, exclusivity and passion characterize the Engel & Völkers brand together with our 360 ° personalized assistance, from the first individual consultation meeting to the signing of the contract.
  3. Know-how. Our real estate agents have extensive technical knowledge and market knowledge which, in combination with our service concept, is of great benefit.

Competence, exclusivity and passion are the distinctive values ​​of the brand, always at the center of everything that is done. They are a promise of quality to all customers - that they will experience the same complete service made of high quality standards, wherever they are.

How can the customer who relies on Engel & Voelker receive precise information about the procedure linked to the prestigious Treviso real estate? Thanks to the exclusive Owner App: all property owners who rely on the agency's advice and want to be constantly updated on the sale process of their property, thanks to this App they will be able to receive all the necessary information directly on a tablet, smartphone or PC . They will then be able to track the sales process and see which professional marketing tools are being used from time to time to sell their property at the best possible price. If they would like to ask questions during the sales process, they can at any time use the contact options in the application to speak directly with their real estate advisor.

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Thanks to the Owner App, Engel & Voelker can guarantee its customers at any time:

  • Personalized service with direct contact. Just use the e-mail or call function to receive clear and timely answers.
  • Total transparency at any time. Just open the application to see in real time how many potential buyers have contacted the reference consultant, how many visits have been scheduled and much more.
  • Unlimited access to exclusive services. By simply logging in from your smartphone, tablet or PC you can keep up to date with the property sale process.

Have you decided to buy prestigious Treviso properties and you don't know who to contact? Over the years, it has been found that the most frequent questions that the customer tends to ask himself, every time he has to make choices in the real estate field, are the following:

  • What is the best real estate agency you can rely on?
  • What does a contract stipulated with a real estate agency involve?
  • What to do if you want to sell a property?

One of the first choices to make, when deciding to hire an agency for the sale of a property, is to determine which agency to opt for. The first assessment to be made concerns the real estate agents who operate within the agencies examined: it is important to always make sure that they are professionals registered with the RAE. It is also important to be sure that the agency you opt for uses forms or forms deposited in the chamber of commerce. Registration with the RAE and the use of filed forms are two essential elements that underline the reliability and professionalism of the operators active in a real estate agency.

Subsequently, in order for the relationship with the agency to continue in an optimal way, it is important to define in writing all the details of the agreement that will have to be stipulated. Specifically, it is important to establish:

  • the amount of commissions, agreeing in writing what will be the percentage that the agency will receive for its work;
  • the services included within the commissions: it is possible that there are services not included in the commissions. It is therefore necessary to clarify what they are and their costs;
  • the methods of payment of the commissions themselves.

Normally, a regular contract stipulated with a real estate agency for the sale of a property must have the following characteristics:

  • Publication. The agency will have to deal with the presentation and promotion of the sale of the property, through advertisements in trade magazines or websites dedicated to the real estate sector;
  • Availability of the agency on telephone and web channels. In this way, the potential buyer can promptly obtain all useful information about the property;
  • Willingness of the agency to send professionals to visit the property;
  • Customer service. The agency will be responsible for handling the documentation necessary for the sale of a property.

For its part, the customer must undertake to provide all useful information on the property so that the agency can operate transparently during the sale.

Are you looking for prestigious Treviso properties or an area for commercial use? Is your desire to rent a yacht, become a castle owner or buy the vacation rental of your dreams? With Engel & Voelker you will always find experienced and qualified personnel able to inform you and assist you in the best possible way.

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