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Treviso and art: the most beautiful views

Little Venice offers some unique views, for architectural and artistic beauties. From the historic center to the gardens of the eighteenth-century villas

Treviso, city of art and architecture. Treviso city rich in history, in the tradition of the great Serenissima. Going around the Venetian capital and its surroundings, it is not difficult to come across breathtaking views of immense historical, architectural and artistic value.


You can only start from the beating heart of the Venetian capital of Treviso and from the main example of its architectural art, namely Piazza dei Signori. Here it is possible to see the civic tower, seat of the Signoria, the Palazzo dei Trecento, seat of the Maggior Consiglio, the Palazzo Pretorio and the seat of the Pinacoteca. Once the square called Maggiore, but curiously it has changed several denominations over the centuries, including Piazza Grande, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza dei Nobili.

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Not far from Piazza dei Signori there is one of the main attractions of Treviso, the Fountain of Tits. Inaugurated in 1559 to celebrate the new mayor, it was located halfway between the cathedral and the Palazzo dei Trecento. On special occasions, she broke white and red wine with breasts. The original statue was lost and then found: today it is visible in the loggia of the Palazzo dei Trecento. 


The villas in the surroundings of Treviso shine for their artistic and architectural beauty, as well as for the magnificence of the Italian gardens. A typical example of this grandeur from the time of the Serenissima Republic is Villa Tiepolo Passi a Carbonera. A noble residence and agricultural land, inside it houses 17th-century frescoes by Pietro Antonio Cerva Bolognese while at the entrance stand the busts of the philosophers Democritus and Heraclitus, symbolically positioned so as to pay homage to the sunrise and sunset in the winter solstice . 


The historic center of Treviso is accessed through three beautiful doors, once used for military and defense functions. The vertical slits that housed the gears of the drawbridge are still visible on the Santi Quaranta and San Tomaso doors. Today they are splendid and imposing monuments that testify to the glorious past of this city.

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Another example of unique beauty in the surroundings of Treviso is Villa Manfrin, designed by the Venetian architect Giannantonio Selva, the same who created the La Fenice Theater in Venice. Once the seat of the Carabinieri, today it is closed to the public. But in its park, and in particular in the splendid theater and in the cedar, there are today the attractions of the Park of the Talking Trees, the first in Italy dedicated to communication and multimedia for children.

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