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Treviso city of fountains: some curiosities

Looking for apartments in Treviso for sale? During the search, do not lose sight of its historic fountains.

The charm of Treviso is a combination of many aspects that make this beautiful Venetian town unique with an enviable quality of life. It is not only its canals that make it a miniature Venice. Nor the vital atmosphere of its bars, which at the aperitif time overflow with glasses of spritz.

Among the peculiarities of the city there are also some

fountains with a very particular history

. So, in the search for

apartments in Treviso for sale

, why not let yourself be guided by its fountains? We are confident that - on the trail of their stories - you will find the home of your dreams.

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Let's start with the most famous, the most characteristic. It is

the fountain of the boobs

, of which a modern copy is placed in the courtyard of

Palazzo Zignoli

. The original one, however, dates back to 1559, when Treviso was hit by a severe drought.

Then the mayor of the Republic of Venice ordered the construction of a marble fountain depicting a woman with a bare chest clutching her breast. But the characteristic loved by Treviso was not so much nudity as the tradition of letting white and red wine gush from each breast, to celebrate the election of a new Podestà. Today, unfortunately, it only offers water.


Tre Visi, Treviso. The city's toponym is evident, and refers to the ancient formation of the city, made up of three primitive nuclei. This fountain is located in front of the Town Hall, and is characterized by the three faces carved in stone. On the lower basin, however, four lion heads are carved.


Piazza San Leonardo has been hosting this elegant ornamental fountain, entirely in marble, consisting of three oval-shaped tubs of different sizes since 1929. The central basin is supported by four dolphins, while the upper one by a column decorated with lictor friezes.


It is located in Piazza Garibaldi, and enchants for the beauty of the cast iron swan that crowns it. Next to the left paw of the animal you can read the motto "feathers in the wind", so dear to the bersaglieri. The swan, on the other hand, in mythology often accompanies the nymphs who are guardians of spring sources and bodies of water.


We conclude this tracking shot with the spectacular structure that stands in Piazza Sant'Andrea. Here a long series of pools exploits the natural slope of the square to reproduce a sort of natural waterfall. Above, towering over the first tank, you can admire the iron sphere decorated with the zodiac symbols.

Beautiful right? Do you want to find out if you can enjoy the view of these wonderful fountains from the windows of our Treviso apartments for sale? Come and visit us in Viale Fratelli Cairoli, 123. Our consultants in the real estate sector will be able to answer this and other questions.

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